Top Good Sports Quiz Questions For Friends

Good sports quizzes dominate questions from the Premier League to pole vaulting. Here are a few questions and answers that appeal to armchair trivia enthusiasts and pub quizzers alike. We’ve created a compelling collection of good sports quiz questions.

This section has good sport quiz questions you can ask your participants online, all delivered in an actual or virtual quiz from home. We’ve covered everything from great general knowledge questions to obscure facts about the Olympics.

Funny Quiz Questions About Sports

These funny and good sports quiz questions and answers will get your contestants laughing all day long.

  • Yes Or No; In the Finnish Wife Carrying Competition, a men’s race, a husband must carry his wife for the course. The winner receives the lady’s weight in reindeer meat.

Questions for General Knowledge Sports Quiz (Round 1)

Have you all been laughing? It would help if you moved on to a more general quiz question round. It has some easy sports quiz questions and a few hard sports questions.

Soccer / Football Quiz Questions

You might be fond of saying football, or it’s known as soccer in your country. Football quiz questions and answers are a type of quiz that divides many. It comes with a wealth of great solutions to keep even. It would be best to include a specialist round of soccer know-how with the potential question below;

-Can you tell me which football team lost their first three World Cup finals?

Questions about English Football Quiz

All of the writers of this quiz are avid English Premier League supporters, so we were forced to turn it into another football-themed round. The Premier League side has excellent quiz questions as an extra round.

Good Sports Quiz questions about cricket

We’re sorry, but we love a pun, as your contestants will be bowled over by a round focused solely on cricket. The game began as a kid’s pursuit but quickly became very serious for grown. Check out these cricket questions and answers for your contestants:

  • Test cricket is traditionally dismissed by what method?
  •  In 2008, 16 years after joining the division, which cricket team won the country champion title for the first time?
  • Out or not? In error, the umpire allows a seventh delivery to be bowled; hence, the miscount is missed. I am skittles with the middle stump.

Sporting Nicknames Quiz Questions

Every great athlete and team has a sporting nickname they can refer to. Either fondly after they win or uttered under their breath as you curse their performance.

Let’s see what your participants know about their famous sports nicknames in this round. Be alert; some of these are pretty difficult!

Questions in the Basketball Quiz

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Many Americans play basketball more than any other sport, so this high-energy game has an apparent interest (and lots of trivia). Here are questions to challenge your contestants about the sport – let’s see how they do!

  • In which year did the United States men’s Olympic basketball team, nicknamed the “Dream Team,” compete at the Olympics?
  •  Between 1971 and 1980, who won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player title six times while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Lakers?

Rugby quiz questions

Since William Webb Ellis picked up that ball and started running, many have been fascinated by rugby. There are several good quiz questions and answers about rugby union to keep your contestants guessing.

Answers to General Knowledge Sports Quiz (Round 2)

After all those specialist sports subjects, adding another General Knowledge round with more straightforward questions applicable to everyone is worthwhile. 

The Olympics Quiz

The final round is dedicated to the pinnacle of sports glory; the Olympics. Complete your quiz with these Olympic-inspired questions:

  • How did the gold medal-winning high jump performance of 1968 contribute to its pioneering activities?
  •  Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast in 1976, had a notable performance in the uneven bar discipline. And when the scoreboard scored 1, They said, “I’m done with you.” Had something happened?
  • In 1984, who won the 100 meters, 200m, long jump, and 4x100m relays?
  • When they won gold in Atlanta, they declared, “if anyone sees me go near a boat, you have my permission to shoot me.” Who did this right before winning a medal at the next Games?


If you are a sports enthusiast, then chances are you spend a lot of time with your friends. Maybe you even like to challenge them and compete with each other or want to test your sports knowledge.

Good sports quizzes are meant to be fun rather than to test your knowledge. The questionnaires on this quiz can tell if you know the difference between these two games: golf, football, and basketball.

The quiz is the perfect place to score points and to show off in front of your friends.

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