A List of Good Tricky Questions for Everyone

Good tricky questions can condition a person’s mind to think outside the box and expand their knowledge and intelligence.

We have composed many clever trick questions that are harder than they look. The wordplay in a few of these puzzling inquiries will surely put a smile on your face. At the same time, the complexity of others will challenge your intellect. 

Try your luck and see how many of these questions you can answer in the twinkle of an eye. Then, send your friends some of the most perplexing tricky questions and get ready to laugh at their responses.

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Mind-Blowing Trick Questions to Explore

Trick questions can be fun, but they can be more than for entertainment. Using trick questions, you can figure out what people know or are uncomfortable talking about.

  • Will something that’s expected show up? Give only one answer
  • Is there anything that becomes more drenched as it dries? 
  • What, if anything, can be shattered but held? 
  • What’s a question that is posed but unanswered?
  • Describe a man who has missing fingers from one hand?
  • A girl fell from a 50-foot ladder. She landed on the ground without injury. How is that possible? 
  • What rises indefinitely and never falls back down? 

Puzzling Good Tricky Questions

Some people might think puzzling questions are challenging to answer, but they consist of satisfying questions. If you are looking for such questions, you have come to the right place. 

  • Having one makes you want to give it away. Once you reveal it to others, you no longer possess it. What is it? 
  • Where would survivors be buried if a plane descends on the border between Mexico and the US? 
  • How does a woman go without sleep for 25 days? 
  • Eight men can build a wall in ten hours. How long would it take for four men to do the same amount of work? 
  • You see what appears to be a crowded boat, but upon closer inspection, you realize that no one is aboard. What happened?
  • How many are left if there are six apples in a bowl, and you take four out?

Insightful Quizzes to Ask Everyone for Fun

There are all sorts of things that people are curious about, and this includes Brainteasers. There are tons of different things that we all want to learn more about. It is possible to learn more about all sorts of things, from different people and different perspectives.

  •  How could a plane crash kill everyone on board except for two people?
  •  Precisely how many seconds does a year have?
  •  Is there anything that can run but not walk? 
  • How many months have 28 days as opposed to the more common 31 or 30?
  •  Because of me, you have unobstructed visibility. Who am I? 
  • The accountant testified that his brother is the attorney. However, the lawyer claimed under oath that he was an only child. Which one of them is spreading false information?

Good Tricky Questions for Everyone

Whether you’re a nerd or not, everyone is interested in what makes things tick. This section has many petty questions that test how well readers understand the world around them.

  • What can you describe as having a head and a tail but no body? 
  • I’m the odd one out. If you remove one letter, we’re on equal ground. What letter am I? 
  • Which Bigger is bigger: Mr. and Mrs. Bigger’s child or the Biggers themselves? 
  • A man on the one-hundredth floor of his building is our protagonist. He takes the elevator to the top floor when it’s pouring outside. On sunny days, the stairs are his preferred mode of transportation, so he only takes them halfway. Why? 
  • Which five-letter word can you shorten by adding two letters to make it three letters?

Wrapping Up

Good tricky questions are perfect for any occasion and can be your ultimate brainteaser. The questions come in many forms; the answers are lighthearted and may teach you something new. 

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