Good What-if Questions For Friends

Let’s face it: Figuring out the perfect conversation starter can be daunting and nerve-wracking, especially when talking with new people. Our list of good what-if questions covers all genres, from fun to serious ones to crazy, absurd questions.

If you want to enjoy people better and have a lot of fun, check out these tough and good what-if questions to have fun!

What if questions are severe and funny, so why should you ask them?

These questions are just fun — no matter how funny or severe they may be. You can also use it to get to know someone else, but honestly, these aren’t those types of questions. These questions will stimulate creativity in you and your peers, pushing you to think outside the box. Is there anything more fun?

What-If Questions To Try

  • What if everyone had a talking animal buddy like Shrek’s donkey?
  • What if the ground “squeaked” beneath our feet each time we took a step?
  • What if the only thing you could use as money for the rest of your life was ten gallons of Coca-Cola?
  • What if we traveled using other helium balloons that were connected to a track? And we lived in helium balloon homes that floated just below the clouds?
  • What if you could only dress for your wedding in the same clothing you wore on your sixth birthday?
  • What if we lived in gardens where vines served as our ceiling and sunflowers served as our walls?
  • What if your first kiss was your only kiss for the rest of your life? The kiss proceeded the same way as the previous one, no matter who was involved—forever.
  • What if our swimsuits served as formal attire and swimwear?
  • What if dragons existed, and we were forced to coexist with them? What if we had dragon coworkers and romantic partners?
Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Weird What-If Questions To Ask

  • What if we could visualize how we wanted to look and achieve it? Desire blue hair? Consider this.
  • What if aliens served as our landlords, and if we failed to pay the rent on time, they kidnapped us and took us to their home worlds, where we lived with other non-paying tenants?
  • What if skateboards were intelligent beings that ran until you commanded them to stop at your destination rather than push off against the ground?
  • What if stars were lights on hidden cameras that were keeping an eye on you at all times? Someone in the sky watches us and is amused by everything we do.
  • What if people had hooves or horseshoes instead of shoes, as horses and donkeys do? What if we had hoove instead of pedicures?
  • What if tattoos were just dry-erase style, allowing us to “erase” them whenever we wished to cover them up and rub them in the other direction to make them reappear?
  • What if plants and trees had conversations with one another and exchanged insults about the clothing we choose to wear when exploring the forest and taking pictures for Instagram? Do they make fun of our stances and such? Can you picture a tree posting an Instagram photo in a girly pose?

More Good What-If Questions.

  • What if we had private musicians that accompanied us everywhere we went and provided music according to the situation? Oh, and they dressed alike.
  • What if lakes were populated by mermaids and other bizarre creatures who shielded us from the large, ferocious sea creatures that wanted to eat us whenever we went swimming? As though we were unaware of a conflict taking place in the ocean under us.
  • What if the tunes repeatedly playing in our heads played out loud for everyone to hear? Imagine. How absurd would that sound in a crowd of people? Chaotic, to be honest.
  • What if, instead of washing laundry, we went to a computer screen every time we wanted to change clothes, and the clothes appeared on our bodies right away, much like in a video game?
  • What if a woman’s scream replaced the “shutter” sound each time we took a picture? We definitely would take fewer pictures.
  • What if we sprouted flower-adorned vines from our heads in place of hair? Oh, and the body and facial hair were identical. If we existed, we would be stunning deities!


What-if questions provide a motive to keep the conversations going and to keep the experience intimate.

Rather than just letting time pass for the sake of time, they provide entertainment and enable you to expand your horizons. What-if questions also provide a way get to an entirely new perspective, whether it be comedic, morbid, satirical, or spiritual.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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