Consider These Fun Halloween Trivia Questions

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

It’s a season hallmarked by scary costumes, pumpkins, and Halloween trivia questions. If you’re looking for a few examples to test yourselves, check these out. But first, allow us to explain a few things.

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What Are Trivia Questions?

Trivia questions are questions about things that have little to no value. They are a simple way to inject a bit of fun into your gatherings. A host asks a series of questions to participants about a certain theme. The rules for trivia question varies. Most often, those who answer the highest number of questions correctly receive a prize.

Trivia questions are applicable to almost any topic and theme. They are as much a game as they are a conversational tool. They are a subtle way to break down communication barriers and help people overcome their inhibitions.

Trivia questions can help ease the inherent tensions between strangers at a party. They aren’t the life of the party, but they are a great way to get things started!

Check out this collection of Halloween trivia questions: 

Halloween Trivia Questions

  • Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables?
  • Halloween is the second most anticipated holiday after which holiday?
  • Between Valentine’s Day and Halloween, which holiday has the highest candy sales figures?
  • Which U.S. state produces the most number of pumpkins yearly?
  • What was the original term for candy corn?
  • Name the colors of candy corn from top to bottom?
  • How is the mystery-flavored Dumdum lollipop produced?
  • Name the 1973 movie that convinced Americans to throw away their Ouija Boards.
  • What are two other vegetables that have been carved on Halloween?
  • How many pieces of candy does the average household give to each trick-or-treater on Halloween?
  • In which play by Shakespeare do three witches say, “Double, double, toil and trouble”?
  • Which country started the Halloween tradition?
  • Who was the first actor to portray Wolf Man?
  • What was Count Dracula’s real name?
  • Who was Dracula’s sidekick?
  • Who wrote the Frankenstein novel?
  • A person born on Halloween is said to possess what ability?
  • Who was the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas?
  • Whose soul is said to haunt the White House Rose Garden?
  • How many people were hanged during the Salem Witch Trials?
  • How many Oscar nominations did Psycho receive?
  • Who wrote the classic novel Dracula?
  • When do vampires sleep?
  • What is Samhainophobia?
  • How do pumpkins grow?
  • What are the other names of Halloween?
  • Where do vampire bats come from?
  • What is Dr. Frankenstein’s first name?
  • In which U.S. state is it illegal to dress as a priest or nun during Halloween?

In Summary

Trivia questions are a fun way to get people to come together and enjoy each other’s company. These questions can help ease interactions and make for interesting conversations. Challenge yourself and your friends with these questions!

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