Great Hard Choice Questions for Everyone

Do you ever wonder if the people you call friends are intelligent or complete airheads? These challenging, in-depth hard choice questions put one’s morality, ethics, and philosophy of life to the test and could reveal one’s shallowness.

Teachers can also use these questions as part of an activity designed to promote class participation. It’s to be expected that there will be specific queries you can’t answer. And there’s no crime in that! Let’s have a look.

Thought-Provoking “Would You Rather” Questions

Watching your guests squirm is always a bonus. These questions are great conversation-starters and icebreakers for adults.

  • What’s the point of being two hours early for everything but the most important events and arriving twenty minutes late for everything else? 
  • Stop using social media or stick to the same dinner menu forever? 
  • Do you want to lose everything you’ve worked for financially this year, or do you want to lose everything you’ve experienced emotionally this year? 
  • Feel no emotion for color or have no appreciation for flavor? 
  • Do you know the day you passed away or what caused your passing? 
  • Do you want to flip a coin for a shot at $20 or just get $10 right away? 
  • Get faster internet after dark or perpetually reach a red light.

Hard Choice Questions for Everyone

In answering these questions, you can consider things like your values and morals, which is healthy and essential. Let’s not mention the buzz that these questions can create! Try out these questions in your life now!

  • To win $25,000 or have your best friend win $100,000? 
  • Choose between a low-paying job you hate and a high-paying job you love that leaves you barely scraping by. 
  • Locate $5 in change or $100 in a public restroom. 
  • Have the ability to influence or read the thoughts of others? 

Interesting Would You Rather Questions

Some questions are so important that they often differentiate between a positive and a negative thought process. Try these for free!

  • Spend your entire life as a child of 4 or as an elderly person of 90? 
  • Which is better, your immediate family of three or a thousand strangers? 
  • Should I only be able to check my phone once a day, or should I be limited to washing my hair twice a year? 
  • Have your search history made open, or have your thoughts visible to everyone you know by placing thought bubbles above your head.

Good “would You Rather” Questions for Fun

 Their most popular question, “would you rather,” poses a question that calls for an answer on a personal level. So, use these questions to bring up topics and spark a conversation!

  • Have a large group of average friends or a small group of exceptional ones? 
  • Would you rather publicly smack a puppy or get struck by your dad? 
  • Blush at the sound of “hello” and fume at the sound of “bless you”? 
  • Sacrifice your income for the next five years or your entire savings? 
  • Is it preferable to lose all your teeth or a day of your life every time you share a kiss with someone? 

Goofy Questions Worth Exploring

These goofy hard questions reveal underlying thoughts your audience may be trying to hide. Pair these with a mild iced tea and some mood music, and you’re in for a great time!

  • Is it better to constantly be awoken amid a lovely dream or never to be freed from a nightmare? 
  • Should I give up swearing indefinitely or ice cream for ten years? 
  • Have perpetually wet armpits or permanently tangled hair? 
  • Get a zit the night before a big date or get sick after every single one?

Tough Questions You Want to Answer

Tough choice questions are thought-provoking and worth forcing your brain to think about, but they always benefit you in one way or another.

  • The lottery or healthy longevity into your 200s?
  •  Never mentally or physically age or never age at all?
  • To communicate with animals or master all of the languages spoken by humans? 
  • Get reborn in the present or the future?
  • Run two hundred miles per hour or fly twenty miles per hour? 
  •  Which would you rather do for a year: eat dinner alone every night or take showers at a public gym? 
  • Choose to know: What happens if you pass away before or after your partner? 
  • Is it possible to become lost in the Antarctic or the middle of the desert? 
  • Stop washing your hair and brushing your teeth?

Hot Hard Questions to Consider

Answering these hot hard questions can lead to an excellent discussion or even a new perspective. Use these questions to engage your audience, and spark conversations.

  • Play every instrument or play a sport to perfection?
  • Should one choose to be alone and wealthy or surrounded by friends but impoverished? 
  • Have the job of your dreams or the partner of your dreams? 
  • Do you ever wish you could press pause on your life or rewind the clock? 
  • Have your parents catch you in the act, or catch them by surprise? 
  • Snort with laughter on a fantastic first date or fart out loud during a presentation? 
  • Choose either to: always overdress or under dress.
  • Would you rather die of drowning or fire? 
  • Spend one day a month scratching nonstop or in excruciating pain.


Hard choice questions are essential to many interrogation meetings, debates, and presentations. They are often used to spark reactions in the person being probed. They can help the interrogator learn more about the other person’s thought process if conducted properly.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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