Interesting True or False Questions for Adults

Want to have some fun with friends or family by asking interesting true or false questions? Or do you want to use questions to determine a student’s understanding of a particular concept? We have interesting true / false questions for everyone!

With true/false questions, you can check for understanding and response to help you determine what to work on with your class next. And if it’s for fun, these questions are an excellent icebreaker at a party, family reunion, or bridal shower.

Try your hand at our True/False questions now.

funny true or false questions to ask friends

What Are True/False Questions?

True or False questions are the most fun and engaging type of questions that you can create. They make people think because the answer must be based on their memory, not the current situation. 

The questions can act as a jumping-off point to learning facts or history. For example, BrainPop’s True/False questions are from a specific category of questions that hinges on exact knowledge. What are you waiting for? Let’s see how much you know your general knowledge!

Interesting True or False Questions on General Knowledge

Our True/False Questions do not center on a particular topic. We select General Knowledge things that will challenge you and provide you with mind-boggling information.

  • The titular protagonist of the animated feature “Finding Nemo” is a pufferfish. True/False.
  • Do you believe that Kilimanjaro stands as the highest mountain on Earth? True/False.
  • Spaghetti can also be referred to as spaghetto, the singular form. True/False.
  • The animated feature film Pinocchio was Walt Disney’s first to be produced in full color. True/False.
  • The highest waterfall in the world can be found in Venezuela. True/False.
  • In its original form, coffee was a drink made from berries. True/False.
  • Sydney is the capital city of Australia. True/False.
  • The Amazon River is the longest river in the world. True/False.
  • Polar bears are strictly a species of the Arctic, and can’t survive anywhere else. True/False.
  • A comparison of France and the United Kingdom reveals that the latter is slightly smaller. True/False.

Thought-Provoking True/False Questions

These questions are not typical of the general true/false questions you might see on a quiz show. Instead, they are questions that will make you think about something you might not have thought about before. This will help you learn more about a specific subject.

  • Walt Disney won more Oscars than anyone else. True/False.
  • Hypnotizing a frog involves laying it on its back and gently touching its tummy. True/False.
  • In terms of width, the moon dwarfs Australia. True/False.
  • Each day, your nasal passages and sinuses produce nearly a liter of mucus. True/False.
  • Seahorses, like other marine animals, have stomachs that help them break down food. True/False.
  • Cinderella was the original Disney Princess. True/False.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen can be helpful for patients with COVID-19. True/False.
  • Scotland claims the unicorn as its official mascot. True/False.
  • It is commonly accepted that Zeus is the most powerful of all the Greek deities. True/False.
  • Aruba, a Dutch-speaking island in the Caribbean, actually belongs to Portugal. True/False.

Ice Breaking True/False Questions

These questions are great for discussion topics, icebreakers, and other activities that require fun and learning.

  • Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac associated with the goat. True/False.
  • There are four countries with which Switzerland shares land borders. True/False.
  • All kings in a standard deck of playing cards sport a handlebar moustache. True/False.
  • Unfortunately, orange does not rhyme with any English word. True/False.
  • It is estimated that more people have been killed by mosquitoes than any other species throughout recorded history. True/False.
  • A banana’s skewed shape is a result of its ascending growth pattern toward the light. True/False.
  • Any time you add up the numbers on the two dice, you get 7. True/False.
  • All of the bats take a right turn as they leave the cave. True/False.

Interesting Questions for Polls

Practicing these questions will help you learn to think quickly on your feet and to convey your thoughts in groups or conversations. It is a handy skill and one that shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Only the letter “J” does not have a place in the periodic table. True/False.
  • Fruit flies were the very first insects to be launched into space. True/False.
  • The Philippines recognizes English as a working language and officially recognizes it as such. True/False.
  • There are actually two capitals in South Africa. True/False.
  • Corn is grown in more places and eaten by more people than any other crop. True/False.
  • In the beginning, Mickey was known as Milton Mouse. True/False.
  • The Atlantic dominates the seascape. True/False.
  • The hair on a person’s face grows twice as fast as the hair anywhere else on their body. True/False.
  • Flags in every other country are square, but Nepal’s is round. True/False.

Fun True/False Questions to Explore With Friends

Want to have some fun with friends? Try these questions and see what knowledge yours is!

  • Among the English alphabet, the letter “A” is the most frequently used. True/False.
  • In Switzerland, the Euro is used. True/False.
  • In terms of coastline, the United States of America is unrivaled. True/False.
  • Draco Malfoy doesn’t have any siblings in the Harry Potter films. True/False.
  • The Philippines are the world’s most island-rich archipelago. True/False.

Wrapping Up

Interesting true or false questions are a great way to start a conversation, have light talks, and let some laughs out.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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