Key SQL Join Interview Questions to Practice

SQL Joins are one of the most interesting topics in SQL.

It is a relational database operation that allows us to combine data across multiple tables in a database. SQL joins are mainly used to join more than one table at a time in order to create a result set. SQL Joins can be used in three different types.

What are these types of SQL Joins? Questions like this and more are what you should expect in an SQL Joins interview. This article covers the most important SQL Joins interview questions.

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Important SQL Joins Interview Questions

Like any other interview question, SQL joins interview questionsare meant to assess how well you understand the subject matter. You’ll find the most important SQL Joins questions and how to answer them below.

What Are Joins in SQL?

This question sets the ball rolling and assesses your basic understanding of the concept. In essence, a join clause is an SQL command. It combines records from different tables to give a result that’s a combination of data from all tables. This joining is done through the common column tables. It means the column serves as a bridge between the tables.

Explain the Importance of SQL Joins in Database Management

A question like this gives a candidate a chance to demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of SQL Joins. Joins are a way of stitching a database together to make it easier to use and read.

It is also important because it is faster and more efficient. In addition, they help maintain a normalized database, which ensures that data redundancy is kept low. Another importance of SQL is that it is usually faster to retrieve data using a join query than using a subquery.

What Are the Types of Joins?

The types of Joins are:

  • Cross join
  • Inner join 
  • Left join 
  • Right join or inner join
  • Full join


In SQL, joins are the techniques used to combine information from one or more tables in order to answer a question.

Joins can be classified according to when they take place in your SQL – before, during, and after updating a table. During the SQL process, Joins go into effect after you have created the query. Two of the most common types of joins are left joins and right joins.

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