Exciting and Fun Jeopardy Questions for Kids

Jeopardy is a quiz that has a unique answer-and-question format.

In this game, players are given clues in the form of answers, and they must formulate their answers as questions. Jeopardy is a fun game that kids, as well as adults, can enjoy.

If you’re looking to host fun trivia for kids, these kids jeopardy questions will come in handy!

Jeopardy is a great game for testing a child’s general knowledge and improving their thinking skills and memory. It’s also an excellent activity for eliminating boredom. At the end of the game, the answers are revealed, and your kids will learn something they didn’t know before. 

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How to Play the Game

Usually, two individuals administer the game; the host/game operator and the scorekeeper. The host introduces the game, reads the clues, and judges the answers. The scorekeeper keeps the score for all the teams and determines which team will go first. 

Here are some rules to apply to make the game even more fun.

  • Divide the kids into teams.
  • Determine how players will answer the clues (e.g., by hitting the desk, raising hands, etc.)
  • Each player has 5 seconds to answer the clue before allowing someone else.
  • Kids must answer the clues with questions.

Top Kids Jeopardy Questions

Here are some fun jeopardy questions to test your child’s knowledge.

  • Caterpillars have this number of eyes. Answer: What is 12? 
  • This is the only insect that can turn its head. Answer: What is a Praying Mantis?
  • This is the color of a ruby? Answer: What is red?
  • This person’s nose grew longer when he lied. Answer: Who is Pinocchio?
  • In this movie, a woman dresses up as a man to join the army in her father’s place. Answer: Who is Mulan?
  • This is the name of the dragon who helps Mulan. Answer: Who is Mushu?
  • This is the name of the fish who helps Marlin cross the ocean to find Nemo. Answer: Who is Dory?
  • This is the name of Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Tangled. Answer: Who is Pascal?
  • This witch kidnapped baby Rapunzel and raised her. Answer: Who is Mother Gothel?
  • Spider has several legs. Answer: What comes after 7? (8)
  • This is the number of nose a slug has. Answer: What number is between 3 and 5? (4)
  • This is the name of a group of giraffes. Answer: What is a tower?
  • This is the fastest land animal. Answer: What is a cheetah?
  • A dragonfly has this number of wings. Answer: How much is 4?

More Kids Jeopardy Questions

  • In the movie Tangled, this is Flynn Rider’s real name. Answer: Who is Eugene Fitzherbert?
  • This is Dachshund’s name in the movie Toy Story. Answer: Who is Slinky?
  • This Disney movie has two sisters called Anna and Elsa. Answer: What is Frozen?
  • The name of Mickey Mouse’s pet dog is this. Answer: Who is Pluto?
  • Nemo and his dad are these. Answer: What is a clownfish?
  • These two countries share the longest border. Answer: What are Canada and the US?
  • This is the name of a female deer. Answer: What is a doe?
  • This group of animals is called pride. Answer: What are lions?
  • Caterpillars become this when they mature. Answer: What are butterflies?
  • These animals breathe through their butts. Answer: What are turtles?
  • This reptile can alter its color to better blend in with its surroundings. Answer: What is a chameleon?
  • This is the largest type of frog. Answer: What is a Goliath frog? 
  • Bactrian camels have this number of humps. Answer: What comes after 1? (2)
  • This animal can support 5000 times its body weight. Answer: What is an ant?

Wrapping Up

Jeopardy is a fun game for kids and a great way to test their knowledge and improve their thinking skills. Even older kids will find this game fun to play. With the questions in this article, you should be able to quiz your kids at home and have some fun!

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