Best Logic Questions for Interviews!

Businesses today are doing everything in their power to try to hire only the best and brightest employees,

To achieve this, some businesses have integrated logic puzzles into their standard interview questions, most notably Microsoft and other IT firms. Logic games are made to give employers a better understanding of an applicant’s problem-solving skills and ability to think of creative solutions to problems. They give almost as much information about an applicant as their employment history and are a tremendous on-the-spot intelligence test.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at some logic interview questions for your next interview. Sounds exciting? Well then, keep on reading!

Why Use Logic Questions for Interviews?

There is no requirement if you are hiring for a specific sales position. If you’re filling a sales position that calls for business intelligence or marketing analysis, or you’ll analyze business activity to identify opportunities. In that case, analytical interview questions may be pertinent.

Companies like Google, Apple, and LinkedIn, some of the largest in the world, have previously employed puzzle questions.

It’s important to watch how your candidate responds to such teasers under pressure because they will likely be under some pressure during the interview. What is their thought process, and do they logically evaluate the task?

The interviewer wants to see how the applicant arrives at an estimate for some questions. Like “How many windows are there in Shanghai,” for which there is no correct response. Do they respond to you with queries, even ones as straightforward as, “Do you mean Central or Greater London?” You can better understand their work and thought processes by answering their queries.

However, you must use the strategy with caution. If a candidate has practiced answering typical puzzle interview questions that you can find online, you risk receiving false positive results. Let’s say you pass judgment on a candidate, perhaps disqualifying them for a position based on how they responded to a puzzle question. Then you run the risk of coming under fire for being inappropriate or, at worst, discriminatory.

One last piece of advice for you as the interviewer. Refrain from “showboating” in your questioning so that, if questioned by the candidate, you will be able to support your position.

Let’s begin, then.

Examples of Logic Interview Questions!

Best Logic Questions for Interviews!
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  • Can a man marry the sister of his widow in California?
  • What percentage of a dozen two-cent stamps are there?
  • How long will it take from the time you take the first pill to the last one. If a doctor gives you three tablets and instructs you to take one every half hour?
  • The sum of two American coins is 30 cents. What coins are they if one of them is not a nickel?
  • The father of a physician’s son wasn’t a physician. What makes this possible?
  • A woman entered the restaurant with her daughter. The two women exchanged a “Hello, Father” greeting as the man passed by. What makes this possible?
  • The appendicitis Reed’s wife had caused prompted him to take her to the hospital. She had her appendix removed by doctors. When his wife develops appendicitis again five years later, the same Reed visits the doctor. What makes this possible?
  • A horse leaps over a fortress before landing on a man. The man leaves behind. What is going on?
  • Lung cancer is much more likely to occur in smokers than in non-smokers. Which studies could possibly refute the theory that smoking causes cancer?
  • What comes after these numbers, in order: 0 0 1 2 2 4 3 6 4 8 5?
  • What number comes after 125, 64, 27, and 8 in the list?
  • They’re seated on a bench, a boy and a girl. The youngster with brown hair answers, “I’m a girl. The youngster with the blonde hair replies, “I’m a boy. Which one is lying, if any, if any, of them?
  • The capacity of a bus is x. When it arrived, it was only halfway full, and y passengers got off at the first stop. How many passengers can currently board the bus?

More Logic Interview Questions to Ask In Interviews!

  • How exactly do you measure out 4 gallons when you have a three and a 5-gallon jug available? 
  • There are three boxes, one filled with apples, another with oranges, and the third with apples and oranges. The labels on the boxes are mislabeled, and none specify what is inside each box. You pull out a piece of fruit from a single box after opening it without looking inside. How can you label all the boxes by looking at the fruit? 
  • On a table, there are 100 coins with a head side and a tail side, all of which are flat. Ninety have their tails up, and 10 have their heads up. Which 10 are heads up cannot be determined by touch, sight, or any other sense. Your objective is to divide the coins into two piles so that each bundle contains an equal number of heads-up coins. 
  • You are in a room with three light switches, each in charge of one of the three lights in the room across from you. You must ascertain which switch operates which lightbulb. To begin with, no lights are on, making it impossible to see into one room from another. Only once may you examine the other room. How are the connections between the switches and the bulbs determined? 
  • At the base of a 30-foot wall, there is a snail. It has a three-foot maximum ascent per hour but a two-foot maximum descent. How much time does the snail need to climb to the top?
  • There are two doors in front of you. Opening one results in certain death while doing so opens the door to endless wealth. Two men can identify which of the treasure doors is located as they stand outside. One always tells lies, and the other is a truth-teller.


If you know some people who are getting ready for an interview, sharing this post of this list of logical questions will help them!

Studying these interview questions and answers will help you cover more bases for your interview! Use these questions so that you won’t be puzzled by a logic question in the interview, when you need them!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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