Interesting Trivial Pursuit to Test Your Knowledge

Trivial Pursuit is a board game that tests a player’s ability to answer popular culture and trivia questions.

The game has been highly successful and continues to be so to this day. When a player answers a Trivial Pursuit question correctly, such a player gets the chance to continue their turn.

This article takes a look at new Trivial Pursuit questions that will test your knowledge. In a game of Trivial Pursuit, there are six categories of questions, including sports, entertainment, and science. There are a variety of questions in each category.

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How to Play a Game of Trivial Pursuit Question

To play a game of Trivial Pursuit question, you have to familiarize yourself with the layout of the board first. This may not be needed if you are not new to the game. Next up, you should decide whether you want to play as individuals or teams. This decision is usually dependent on the number of people willing to participate in the game.

In addition, you may set other rules before starting the trivia game. For instance, you can put a time limit for answering questions or ask players to be specific about answers. Finally, get out the question cards and start playing.

New Trivial Pursuit Questions

Our list of Trivial Pursuit questions will test your knowledge and help you get better at the game. Read on to find out.

  • The book, The 120 Days of Sodom, was written by whom? (Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade)
  • Who played the role of Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film series? (Miriam Margolyes)
  • His horse was Bucephalus; his wife was Roxana. Who was he? (Alexander the Great)
  • What is banned in public places in Florida after 6 pm? (Farting)
  • Which African American slave played a crucial role in the construction of the nation’s Capitol building? (Philip Reid)
  • How is Martha Canary better known? (Calamity Jane)
  • Who was Ross Perot’s running mate in the United States 1992 presidential election? (Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale)
  • How many languages are written from right to left? (12)
  • Which country won the first soccer World Cup in history? (Uruguay)
  • Which Canadian city is the largest in the province of Alberta? (Calgary)
  • What nationality was Gregory Rusedski before becoming a British tennis star? (Canadian)
  • Which animal is also known as the zebra giraffe? (Okapi)
  • The first feature-length animated movie ever released is? (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • An EGOT winner has won which award? (An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony)
  • Sharon Stone’s nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress was for her performance in which 1995 film? (Casino)

Other Challenging Trivia Questions

  • At what time are clocks set forward or back for British daylight saving? (2 am)
  • A person nicknamed yellowhammer is from which state in America? (Alabama)
  • What do seismologists use to measure the magnitude of earthquakes? (Richter scale)
  • What is the longest sporting event continuously held in the United States of America? (The Kentucky Derby)
  • A geographer studies geography; what does an ophthalmologist do? (Eye care)
  • Gorillas and chimpanzees have human-like fingerprints, and so do which other non-human animals? (Koala)
  • The most common letter in the English alphabet is? (E)

Wrapping Up

Trivial Pursuit is an interesting game to play with friends and family members on nights out. Although there are several editions of the quiz game, they all follow the same pattern. Overall, a game of Trivial Pursuit is a great way to test your trivia knowledge in a more competitive setting.

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