Having a Party? Consider Using These Party Game Questions

A good party game is unbeatable, and for us, the drinking games are what make the night!

There is nothing better than combining the two, given our strong pub culture and love of having a good time. Truth or Drink is a game that excels at doing this. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at some party game questions that you can use at your Christmas office party!

Whatever you call it, it’s a great go-to for all kinds of gatherings with friends and/or family. Especially in tumultuous times when it might seem safer to stay home and host than to go out.

The rules are straightforward: when a question is posed, you can choose to either honestly respond or sip from your drink or shot. You can ask anything from lighthearted, humorous questions to get the game started to serious inquiries!

The following quizzes must rank among the very best. They are ideal for celebrations like birthdays, dinner parties, and special dates like New Year’s Eve when drinks are almost certainly already flowing.

Anyone unable to attend in person can still participate in the fun because you can also ask these questions via Zoom.

Best Party Game Questions!

  • Which action of yours has caused you the most embarrassment?
  • Do you have a criminal record? In that case, why?
  • What annoyance annoys you the most?
  • Which of your dates was the worst?
  • Which of your dates has been the best?
  • What film do you enjoy the most despite knowing it to be awful?
  • In the most recent instance, when did you laugh the loudest?
  • Which of your current behaviors is the most childish?
  • Which of your recent actions was the grossest?
  • What has been the highlight of your life to date?
  • In this room, who is the funniest person?
  • What song do you enjoy most but secretly think is terrible?
  • Which song do you listen to the most embarrassingly?
  • Which strangest fashion trend have you ever followed?
  • The most recent search you made was for what?
  • Which of your past endeavors was the most daring?
  • Who was the first real celebrity you had a crush on?
  • What Instagram user did you most recently search for?
  • How inebriated have you ever been?
  • Ever had a conversation with yourself in the mirror?
  • Which karaoke song do you always choose?
  • What is the most bizarre item you have ever purchased?
  • What is your favorite television program that you secretly know is terrible?
  • Which lie did you tell most recently, and when?
  • Which of your past professional mistakes is the worst?
  • What about you would you prefer that your family not know?
  • Have you ever been caught cheating?
  • Have you ever experienced betrayal?
  • What is the most common misunderstanding about you?
  • Which of your advice to others has been the worst?
  • Which of your past mistakes do you consider to be the worst?
  • In what circumstances did you last cry?
  • What dread do you have the most?

More Party Game Questions!

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  • What traits in a partner would you never put up with?
  • What personal information have you held back?
  • Which of your previous actions has been the worst?
  • What are some common misconceptions about you that are unfounded?
  • Which one of your personal qualities do you find the least appealing?
  • Which aspect of your personality do you enjoy?
  • What characteristics do you think characterize a toxic relationship?
  • Which of your recommendations to others has had tremendous success?
  • Which piece of advice from others has proven to be the most valuable to you?
  • What of your weaknesses is the most serious?
  • Which of your strengths do you have?
  • What regret do you have the most?
  • Which of your anxieties is the worst?
  • Do you think there are soul mates?
  • Which of your past actions was the most repulsive?
  • Have you got any private social media accounts?
  • What is the worst habit you have?
  • Which aspect of yourself do you wish people knew?
  • Ever given a gift to someone else?
  • What has been your cruelest exchange with a person?
  • Which of your compliments has been the best?
  • What has been your most significant relationship or dating ick?
  • What one thing, if anything, would you do if you knew there would be no repercussions?
  • Which was the most embarrassing day of your life?
  • What would you like to play the most with the opposite sex?
  • What food do you like to play with in bed?
  • Which are the qualities you are looking for in a dream girl that you want to marry?
  • Did you ever have a one night stand with someone you’ve met in a party? Was it any fun?
  • Answer this honestly: Did you ever have some fun with someone from the office?


It can be overwhelming having a party for your friends and family. But there are some things you can do to make the party a success. Here are a few of the most important steps to remember before you think about any other part of the party.

If you enjoyed our list of the best party game questions, share it with your friends. Or, use these questions for the upcoming party you are going to have!

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