Fun Icebreakers To Start Phone Meetings

Phone and virtual meetings are now the new normal. And while these may seem less intimate than in-person meetings, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make it fun and engaging. Some fun phone meeting icebreakers can greatly come in handy to start your meeting on the right note.

We’ve done the work for you and gathered a long list of fun icebreakers that can get people to engage in the conversation. Try them out at your next meeting and see how it goes!

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What are Icebreakers?

To those unfamiliar, icebreakers are questions that aim to initiate an interaction, amusement, or entertainment. They are ideas that can help frame the conversation and get people talking. They might ask you what your first name is, ask you to choose a number between one and ten, and so on.

Icebreakers aren’t just limited to questions, though. They can also be in the form of:

  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Activities
  • Jokes
  • Stories, and so on.

Check out the next section for some ideas on questions and activities for an icebreaker!

Fun Ideas for Phone Meeting Icebreakers

Ice Breaker Questions

Fun questions are a great and simple way to break the ice and get meeting participants to talk about themselves and a common topic. You can ask new questions for every meeting to keep things fresh and exciting. If you need some help, check out these sample questions:

  • What is your favorite season?
  • Who is a historical figure that you’d like to meet?
  • What’s the weirdest place you have ever visited?
  • Where do you hope you’ll be in 10 years?
  • What have been the best days of your life so far?
  • What are you hoping people will remember about you?
  • Who is the biggest influence in your life?
  • What has been your worst travel experience?
  • What are some of the most interesting articles you have read recently?
  • If you could be any superhero, who would you choose to be?
  • What is your favorite productivity tip?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Where do you spend most of your time online?
  • What was the first ever concert you went to?
  • What is one food you can’t live without?

Give Us a Tour!

Why not ask participants to give you a quick tour of their workspace? Give them a chance to point out fun, silly, or interesting details about whatever room they’re working in. It could be their children’s art on the fridge or a pet under the desk. One of the best ways to loosen up everyone on the call is by reminding everyone that their coworkers are regular people too.

Two Truths & a Lie

In this popular icebreaker, participants can share three things about themselves. The job of the rest of the team is to guess which of these three things is the truth! This can be a great way for participants to know each other better. It’s best to keep players’ lies as believable as possible for this game to work effectively.

Visual Check-In

As far as icebreakers go, this one couldn’t be easier. You’ll need to ask each participant to share an image in the chat that depicts their current mood. You can either share GIFs through the video conferencing platform or opt for emojis. Ensure participants keep their GIFs work-appropriate!

Ice Breaker Jokes That Will Crack Them Up

Humor is always an effective way to lighten the mood. Phone meetings can be difficult, which is why finding ways to keep the conversation light and funny can help keep the whole process going. Here are some witty icebreaker jokes that you can try out:

  • When I meet new people, I start talking about global warming. It’s the ultimate icebreaker!
  • How can you make an egg laugh? Tell it a good yolk.
  • What would happen if you crossed an elephant with a kangaroo? Australia will be full of holes!
  • Why did they get rid of Cinderella on the basketball team? Because she ran away from the ball!
  • Did you hear of the time when past, present, and future walked into a bar? It was pretty tense!

Wrapping Up

The key to a good meeting is finding a way to create that connection while keeping the discussion on track. You can use phone meeting icebreakersto help get the conversation flowing. No matter what type of meeting you lead, these icebreakers will be sure to keep people engaged!

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