Top Political Debate Questions for Candidates

Presidential debates give American voters a unique opportunity to hear how their presidential nominees intend to address pressing issues while getting their questions answered. But what questions will voters ask on the debate stage next year? Below is a list of some of America’s most anticipated political debate questions.

Political Debate Questions for Presidential Candidates

The presidential election season will soon be in full swing, and the media is focused on the political horse race. When the dust settles, we’ll have policies that affect real people. The Democratic debate, as well as the Republican debates, will begin soon.

Here are six issues the candidates must address. The new president will do as much as possible after being elected.

The Right to Vote

2014, the United States completed Int. The Supreme Court struck down the Key Enforcement Provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which required certain states and counties with the best voting records to get federal approval before making any amendments to their voting laws.

How will the next president ensure solid federal protections against racial discrimination with the Voting Rights Act?

Mass Punishment

It has been U.S. since 1980 A. About 800 percent of the prison population has grown. Compared to countries in the world, the United States has more incarcerated people than any other nation.

As incarceration rates have dropped in recent years, more work remains to eliminate harsh criminal penalties that have destroyed countless families and communities.

Introduction of Drones

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

President Obama called for greater transparency regarding drone strikes in 2013. It is possible to The national security objectives. Two years later, little is known about the program.

What can the next president do to improve transparency and accountability? Do you believe he or she is willing to support a consistent policy that offers respect and compensation to civilians killed by drone strikes?


World Refugee Crisis since World War II is gripping the world. Internationally, millions of people have fled persecution in Bangladesh and Burma to flee the civil war due to violence and instability. Even so, world leaders have failed to resolve this.

What will the next president do to bring refugees the protection they deserve?

Security of the Nation

Around the world, the United States faces security challenges. U.S. s. Direct military intervention has remained unpopular with the public; efforts to train and arm foreign soldiers in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have not worked and have made the situation worse.

Policy on Drugs

A punitive drug policy has been unsuccessful and caused significant harm, particularly in the United States. Around the globe, countries are calling for a new drug policy regime based on public health instead of prohibition.

The United States also has these voices: Four states and one district have voted to permit adult consumption of marijuana. . (S. Sentencing reforms are being considered in Congress. Additionally, partnership efforts to combat heroin addiction and HIV and hepatitis C are developing at the federal, state, and local levels.


The debate process is the point at which two or more individuals or organizations debate one another. This process allows for discussing a topic using words interchanging back and forth.

During debates, opponents are forced to speak from each side of the same argument acting as a unit to understand the reasoning behind the opposing point of view. Debates are not an opportunity to talk over your opponent but, instead, the opportunity to listen.

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