Army Board Questions To Help You Study

Are you due to take the U.S. Army board test? If so, it’s best to prepare for it as early as now. The promotion board questions test your leadership, knowledge, and communication skills. It’s a test full of complex, unfamiliar words. But with the right preparation and study habits to guide you, it can be a piece of cake.

Board members will ask questions and cover all topics identified in the Memorandum of Instruction (MOI). There will usually be three questions per subject, depending on whether they are answered correctly or not.

Keep reading to get an idea of what questions to expect.

Indian army soldier
Indian army soldier

Common U.S. Army Promotion Board Questions

  • What does ASAP stand for?

Army Substance Abuse Program

  • What AR can you find in ASAP?

AR 600-85

  • What is the mission of ASAP?

ASAP aims to strengthen the Army’s overall fitness and effectiveness. Its mission is to ensure that its Soldiers are prepared for combat.

  • What is the meaning of deglamorization of alcohol?

Employees are prohibited from promoting any function glorifying alcohol through drinking contests, games, initiations, or the awarding of alcohol as prizes in contests.

  • What FM Covers Values? 

FM 6-22

  • What are the valued of the Armed Forces?

Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, Honor, Integrity and Courage

  • What FM covers Land Navigation? 

FM 3-25.26

  • What does F.M. stand for?

Field Manual

  • What do SPORTS stand for?

Slaps upward on the magazine gently, Pull the charging handle fully to the rear, Observe, and then Release the charging handle. Tap the forward assist and squeeze the trigger.

  • Is SPORTS a Remedial or Immediate Action?


  • What are the three different types of counselling?

Event and Performance counselling, Professional growth

  • What does A.R. stand for?

Army Regulation

  • Who is the next Staff Sergeant?

Sergeant Weaver

  • When was the shoulder insignia approved for U.S. Military Medical Command?

31 January 1973

  • What armed forces regulation covers awards? 

A.R. 600-8-22

  • What armed forces regulation covers uniforms?

AR 670-1

  • How do you check your pulse? Please identify four common points.

Tibial cavity, femoral, radial, and posterial

  • How many SMA have there been?


  • Soldiers usually have two responsibilities. What are they?

Individual and command responsibilities

  • What does NCODP stand for? 

Non-commissioned Officer Development Program

  • Who is responsible for NCODP, as with all leader training and leader development?

The command.

  • What AR covers ACS 

AR 608-1

  • What is an azimuth?

A horizontal angle that expresses the direction

Final Words

Use these promotion board questions to review some common questions that you may see on the Army Promotion Board Exam. Make sure to analyze your areas of weakness. If you find yourself struggling with these questions, it may be a good idea to brush up on certain areas first. Good luck!

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