Psych Test Questions: Meaning, Types, and Tips

In many contemporary interviews and evaluations, psych test questions are administered. Psych tests are also known as Psychometric tests.

The phrase “psych test” describes various evaluations used to gauge an individual’s intelligence or character. They are usually given online and comprise a series of questions to which you must respond within a specified time.

Even if you haven’t taken a psychometric exam before, you’re likely to do so soon. This is because these exams are increasingly used in the preliminary stages of assessment procedures. 

Employers often utilize them to narrow down a sea of potential candidates into a manageable subset. Many potential applicants may therefore find it difficult to progress past this round.

We’re here to demystify the challenges of psychometric examination so that you can confidently take on any test you’re given and emerge successful.

How Do Psychometric Exams Function?

Since psychometric exams are becoming more common in the screening phase of hiring and promotion decisions. Even if you have never taken one before, you probably will soon.

Employers frequently use them to narrow a large pool of applicants to a more manageable number. As a result, many hopeful applicants might not make it through this round.

We’re here to break down the barriers associated with them, so that you may tackle any psychometric exam with confidence.

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When and Why Would You Use a Psychometric Test?

Employing psychometric testing allows for an objective evaluation of an individual’s viability in a given role.

Exams in psychology can be used to judge a person’s competence, personality, and more.

Given their widespread use in the business sector, taking a psychometric exam is often the initial step in getting employed (especially in graduate degrees).

Most Common Psych Test Questions

The most typical forms of psychometric testing are ability exams and personality assessments. The two most common aptitude tests evaluate one’s arithmetic and verbal abilities.

Numerical and verbal exams are the most prevalent types of aptitude tests. If you are applying for a job where psychometric testing is part of the hiring process, you may have to take both tests.

Numerical Reasoning

The majority of employers use tests of numerical thinking ability. Therefore, you should be prepared for them.

Candidates’ mathematical prowess is assessed during numerical tests. This data might be represented graphically or in tabular form. You will also be expected to analyze data and draw findings for this evaluation.

A numerical test can be intimidating for some applicants because they fear it will involve too much arithmetic. However, the exams aren’t constructed to determine how advanced a mathematician a candidate is.

Instead, they are taken to see how effectively candidates can handle even the most fundamental numerical data.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

A verbal test can be used to gauge a candidate’s reading comprehension abilities. You’ll read a chapter and be asked to mark if particular claims stated within are true, false, or unverifiable.

Remember, this is a test of your linguistic skills. Don’t use anything else except what’s explicitly stated in the text to guide your interpretation.

Typical Results in a Psychometric Exam

Psychologists will usually give you a timed, multiple-choice test to get first-hand knowledge of who you are. Exam duration will vary, and on the most challenging tests, you might not even have to attempt to answer every question. Time may be running out, but that’s no reason to panic if you haven’t answered all the questions.

Hone your skills to increase both your velocity and your precision. Taking educated guesses is a reasonable strategy when the consequences of incorrect answers are unclear.

Wrapping Up

In case of a disability that may affect your performance on the exam, you should notify the hiring manager in advance. If you have hearing loss or severe exam anxiety but want to take psychometric tests, we have resources to help you.

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