The Best Weird Questions to Ask Someone

If you need help breaking the ice, these weird questions to ask someone might be helpful. 

 Whether you’ve known someone for years or just met them, you’ll get a kick out of these questions. You might even find yourself having some deep, profound conversations as a result.

These weird queries will help you bond with loved ones, colleagues, and everybody. Let’s jump right into it.

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

Smart Weird Questions to Ask

Most people frown when they hear the term “Weird.” But, if a person is genuinely interested in learning about you, there is no faux pas that they can’t overcome. Here are a few strange but compelling questions to ask to break any ice during conversations.

  • Does a fish’s thirst get quenched by drinking water?
  • Is it possible for a person to have an infinite amount of brainpower?
  • So if bread is square, why is the meat on a sandwich oblong?
  • Just who is the fifth person whose call you’ve missed?
  • If humans descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys around today?
  • Which animal would you choose if it could talk to you?
  • When you punch yourself in the face, and it hurts, are you showing weakness or strength?

Great Questions to ask Adults

The following are some of the weirdest questions you could ask someone. Some questions might be embarrassing, others hilarious, and just plain weird. However, they are all questions that might spark a conversation or get you to learn something new about the person you are asking.

  • Tell me about the transportation option you despise the most.
  • If an ambulance is on its way to rescue and knocks someone down, will it return to help them?
  • What would you call it if you could create a country from scratch?
  • Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and then failed to give it back?
  • If you were from Mars, how would you approach resolving issues?
  • What are two things in your life that seem ordinary at first but start to feel off after you’ve done them a few times?
  • Can minors who appear in R-rated movies be allowed to watch them?
  • What color is the mirror?
  • When you’re on the loo, what do you typically ruminate on?
  • Which, if any, of these super abilities wouldn’t you want to have?

Weird Questions that Break the Ice

Try these weird and random questions, and you might be surprised by the result. The questions serve as great icebreakers and conversation starters.

  • If you’re bald, what does your driver’s license say your hair color is?
  • Exactly how do birds urinate?
  • Could someone one day live forever?
  • You have found a lovely island where you can establish your civilization and write the laws. What is the first regulation you plan to implement?
  • If it’s friendly fire, why aren’t people covering up?
  • How many chickens would it take to slaughter an elephant? 
  • Have you ever rewrapped a present that was originally given to you?


There are tons of weird questions that work for adults and kids. You might end up having a great conversation that you would have missed out on if you didn’t ask these questions. Nothing is more enjoyable than people talking about the things they are passionate about.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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