Popular and Interesting Questions About Easter

Easter is a time of joy when people celebrate with loved ones.

There are many questions people ask during this time. These questions about Easter serve different purposes. Some questions widen our knowledge of the origin of the celebration.

Others serve as simple trivia questions to have fun and bond with friends and family members. This article serves the best of both worlds as it contains trivia questions and questions about the origin of the celebration.

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Deep Questions About Easter

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Christians celebrate Easter in remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why Does Easter Change Every Year?

Easter comes up on Sundays. This Sunday is known as Easter Sunday. Unlike Christmas, the date is not fixed. This is because it is always on the first Sunday following a full moon after the first day of Spring. This date varies. Hence, you can have Easter in March or April.

Why Is Easter Important

Easter is important because Jesus’ death and resurrection bring about eternal hope for all people. Christians believe Jesus paid for our sins through his death and resurrection.

Did Jesus Die on Easter?

No, Jesus didn’t die on Easter. Jesus died on Good Friday. Good Friday is the Friday that precedes Easter Sunday.

Trivia Questions About Easter

You can also have trivia questions about Easterto test how much you know about the celebration. We’ve provided the answer to each question too.

  • Name two traditional Easter games (Easter egg roll and Easter egg hunt).
  • What colors do people associate with Easter? (Yellow and purple).
  • What is the traditional Easter meat people in the United States eat?
  • The custom of eating hot cross buns at Easter is popular in which country? (Great Britain).
  • The tradition of giving chocolate and candy for Easter first appeared during what historic age? (the Victorian age).
  •  What food did Jesus Christ liken to his body at the Last Supper? (Bread).
  • What came last, the Last Supper, the resurrection, or Jesus’ crucifixion? (The Last Supper).
  • To mock Jesus, the Romans gave Jesus a “crown” of what? (Thorns).
  • Which animal do they use in Australia instead of a rabbit? (Bilby).
  • What’s the name of the apostle that betrayed Jesus? (Judas Iscariot).


Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection. There are many questions about Easter, and this article brings you some of them with their answers.

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