12 Common Questions About Teamwork and How to Answer

Questions about teamwork are often discussed during interviews, and one can reply in various ways. But, the best way to address concerns regarding teamwork is to maintain an upbeat attitude and give concrete examples.

These questions can inform interviewers if you enjoy teamwork, how effective you are in groups, and the leadership style you exhibit during group tasks. The answers to these questions also reveal whether you are sociable, a quality valued in every industry.

Here are the most common questions about teamwork and how to answer them like a PRO.

team work questions and answers

Top 12 Interview Questions About Teamwork

In an interview, you may be asked if you enjoy working in groups, and asked to provide examples if you do. You might also be asked situational and behavioral questions about how you acted or reacted in the past.

You’ll find some of the most typical questions asked in interviews and the appropriate response you should give.

1. Explain How You Have Contributed to a Team in the Past?

The interviewer is interested in hearing about your teamwork experience and whether or not you enjoyed working with others. Provide concrete evidence of your ability to do the job by describing specific situations in which you have demonstrated the talents necessary for success.

2. Tell Us Your Thoughts on Teamwork?

The ability to communicate and collaborate well with others is a prerequisite for most occupations, at least in more conventional workplaces. Give an example or two of how you’ve helped out a team at work in the recent past.

3. Do You Enjoy Working in a Group Setting?

If you’re asked this during an interview, the company wants to know if you can function effectively within a team setting. In a positive light, highlight your excellent teamwork skills and what you may provide to the company.

4. Which Do You Prefer, Working As a Team or Alone?

The recruiting manager is more interested in your interpersonal skills. They also want to know if you enjoy working in teams and how much independence you like.

Behavioral Interview Questions That Focus on Your Past Behavior

When applying for jobs, expect many behavioral interview questions about how you cooperate with others. The answers to these questions should be drawn from your actual job history. In a job interview, you might have to tell about when you had to accomplish a collective assignment under a tight deadline.

To answer questions of this type, you’ll need to recall instances in which you successfully collaborated with others.

Answer these questions by giving details about the instance that most closely fits the descriptions in your head. It helps to think of examples in advance. Then, describe the difficulty or challenge and the steps you took to overcome it. Lastly, explain the outcome.

1. Please Describe a Time When You Contributed Effectively to a Team Effort

During the interview, this question will gauge your knowledge, attitude, and positivism. Have a positive response ready that reflects your understanding of the importance of teamwork.

2. Do You Have Any Experience Working in a Team Setting?

The ability to lead comes more easily to some people, while others are better followers. The interviewer wants to know how you might mesh with the current group dynamic in the department. They want to see whether you’re someone they should keep an eye on for potential promotion to a leadership role.

3. What’s the Worst Thing That Occurred When You Worked With Your Manager or Team?

As with other teamwork-related questions, this one probes your sense of camaraderie and whether or not you can take direction while working with others. You don’t want the interviewer to write you off as a negative whiner. So, keep your answer positive and avoid whining about prior supervisors or team members.

4. Please Describe an Extremely Difficult Occasion That Occurred in the Workplace.

They want to know how you handle stress at work, especially when it involves others on the team.

Situational Questions About Teamwork

A concrete illustration is helpful in every interview situation, not just behavioral ones. Consider a hypothetical work scenario, as with situational interview questions.

How would you resolve a disagreement between two team members? is a question that could arise in an interview. These questions pertain to the future, but you can still answer them with a real-world example. Other questions are:

1. How Would You Plan to Get Your Team Moving?

If you want to show potential employers that you have the leadership skills they want, this is a question you want to answer.

2. Do You Think You Could Improve Our Team’s Dynamics?

Companies don’t want to interview, hire, onboard, and train new employees to have them struggle to fit in. Do your homework ahead of time about the company, so you can come off as someone who would blend in well with the team.

3. If There Was an Issue With a Team Member Who Wasn’t Pulling Their Weight, How Would You Address It?

Team relations are complex, primarily when animosity builds over those who aren’t contributing equally. Get ready to offer a workable answer to this typical workplace dilemma.

12. What If You Knew That Workplace Culture Would Shift From an Individual to a Team-Based One at Some Point in the Future? Would You Still Be Interested in This Job Under Those Circumstances?

This question is meant to determine whether or not you can easily adjust to new circumstances in the workplace. The best response will show that you can successfully contribute to a team environment while also functioning effectively on your own.

To Wrap Up

Questions about teamwork and how to answer can seem ambiguous, but they are not. Prepare your response to these questions with knowledge acquired from your past and present professional experiences. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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