Random Funny Trivias for a Good Laugh

Humor is a great way to break the ice or start an interesting conversation. And with the help of random funny trivia, you’re not only going to make them laugh but also learn some interesting facts!

We’ve gathered a long list of trivia questions that will come in handy during business meetings or family gatherings.

These questions have a wide range of topics, from science, history, and sports to movie quotes, music, pop culture, and much more. They are guaranteed great ice-breakers that can get a conversation started!

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Random Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

General Trivia Questions

Whether at a party or having a casual chat with friends, these general trivia questions will surely get a good laugh. Try to have your friends guess the answers and see their reactions!

  • Coprastastaphobia refers to the fear of what? – Constipation
  • It’s illegal to swear in front of what in Texas? – A corpse
  • It’s illegal to eat fried chicken using a fork when you’re in what state- Georgia
  • What were the first hockey pucks for outdoor hockey games made of? – Frozen cow dung
  • In Minnesota, it is prohibited to tease what animal? – Skunks
  • Do you know how many teeth an aardvark has? – None
  • What was Marilyn Monroe’s natural hair color? – Red
  • What band sang about being an “Eggman” and a Walrus?”? – The Beatles
  • What Tasmanian marsupial is famous for its bad temper? – Tasmanian Devil
  • What is the location of the zygomatic bone in the human body? – Facial cheek
  • What clothing item was illegal for women to wear in Florence in the 19th century? – Buttons
  • What person said that he could “drive away the devil with a fart?” – Martin Luther
  • What flavor is Cointreau? – Orange
  • The Divine Ponytail is a nickname that refers to which football player? – Roberto Baggio
  • What is a group of unicorns called? – A blessing
  • Where did the fortune cookies originate? – San Francisco
  • What is banned in public places after 6 pm on a Thursday in Florida – Farting
  • What kind of animal cannot stick out its tongue? – Crocodiles

Hilariously Fun Trivia Questions

There’s nothing like hilarious trivia to lighten the mood. These trivia questions will probably send you laughing on the floor. They are popular as a funny game at parties or gatherings, and they are the best way to have a good time.

  • Why do dogs like squeaky toys? – They mimic a dying animal.
  • What state legalized unicorn hunting?- Michigan.
  • In the U.S., what was the first patented uniform? – The Playboy Bunny work uniform.
  • What measuring unit refers to the speed of a computer’s mouse – Mickeys.
  • On average, what does an American do 22 times daily?- Open the fridge.
  • The ‘black box in an airplane is what color?- Orange.
  • In which country can you find a unicorn in its national emblem – Scotland.
  • Does a cow moo with regional accents? Yes or no? – Yes.
  • What kind of doctor invented cotton candy? – A dentist.
  • What word did China censor at one time? – Censorship.
  • Who was the famous country singer who once lost in her own “look-alike” contest? – Dolly Parton.
  • What are you not allowed to sell in Columbus, Ohio, on Sundays –Cornflakes.
  • What has a much lower acceptance rate versus Harvard? – Walmart.
  • What is the true name of the Sesame Street character known as cookie monster? – Sid.
  • What weird prevention is on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website? – Zombie apocalypse.

Interesting Trivia Questions for Laughs

Want to learn some new interesting facts? Get a load of these trivia questions you’re sure to learn heaps of trivial information!

  • Which two countries have been in every single Olympics? – Britain and Greece.
  • What strange hygiene habit inspires creativity among humans – Showering. 
  •  Florida constitutionally protects what animal? – Pigs.
  •  How was the first fire hydrant patent lost?- It was lost in a fire!
  • What can you not eat with a cherry pie if you’re in Kansas? – Ice cream.
  • How many minutes of silence are there in the Twilight movies?- Exactly 26 minutes of silence.
  • What shoes were originally designed for men but are now worn by women? – High heels.
  • What sea animal has been used in wars? – Dolphins.
  • In Alaska, you can shoot bears, but it’s illegal to do what? – Wake one up.
  • Which British Prime Minister once said, “Champagne should be dry, cold, and free.”? – Winston Churchill.
  •  In Minnesota, what can you not do in bed? – Be naked.
  •  How much did someone once pay to buy invisible art? – $10,000.
  •  What was the longest wedding veil that was ever created? – 63.5 football fields long.
  • How many questions do children ask per day on average? – 300 questions

Surprising Funny Trivia

These random funny trivia questions make for great conversation starters. Try asking them to your friends and watch their surprised faces as you reveal the answer. They’re sure to be mindblown and shocked!

  • The smallest bone in our bodies is called what? – Stapes.
  • Dogs have how many teeth? – 28 teeth.
  • What do you call people who love eating ice? – Pagophagiacs.
  • What was Walt Disney’s fear? – He was scared of Mice.
  • Where was fried chicken invented? – Scotland
  • How big is the average size of a gorilla’s butt? – 19″ wide.
  • How heavy is average elephant dung? – About 3,837 kilograms.
  • Which movie create the phrase “word vomit”? – In the movie “Mean Girls.”
  • What European country has an anthem with 158 verses? – Greece.
  • Where were fortune cookies invented? – San Francisco.
  • What video game is considered the worst of all time? – Big Rigs.
  • What is the weirdest thing about winning a Nobel prize? – Liquid cats.
  • Do you know how many languages are written both from left and right? – 12 languages.
  • New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach is how long? – 55 miles long.
  • British soldiers were given just how many sheets of toilet paper in World War II? – Two, while American soldiers received 22.
  • Iceland diverted its roads in order to avoid disturbing communities of what kind? – Elves.
  • In Japan, what is the national dish? – Pufferfish.

Wrapping Up

Trivia questions are the perfect way to have a good laugh. You can use them for trivia nights or as fun conversation starters. Try these random funny trivia questions on your next get-together with friends. You’re sure to get a good laugh!

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