Riddle Quiz Questions to Test Your Knowledge

Think you’re brilliant when it comes to finding solutions to problems? Then try your hand at our riddle quiz questions.

These questions are designed to put your mental abilities to the test. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle solver or just curious, you’ll find the best puzzles here. 

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Great Quiz Questions to Break the Ice

These quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of riddles. Ready for a challenge? Put your wits to the test!

  • What can you damage even if you never take physical possession of it? I have a limb but no trunk, leaves, or fruit. Who am I? 
  • Which objects can be caught but not thrown? 
  • What is in plain sight all the time but invisible? 
  • What must be damaged before it can be put to good use? 
  • When I’m young, I have great height, but as I age, my stature shortens. Who am I? 
  • When does something rise indefinitely without ever falling again? 
  • When there’s a lot of it, it’s hard to make out anything. 
  • Please explain. What can circle the globe without ever leaving its nook?

Deep Trivia Quiz Questions

Trivia quiz questions are good to ask during your party. They are a great way to interact with your guests and often help with stale conversations.

  • How about something that only has one eye but can’t see? 
  • What is so delicate that merely mentioning it causes it to shatter?
  •  What has 13 hearts without other organs? 
  • What can fly but never flies, swim but never swims, talk but never speak, cry but never cry, and sleep but never sleep? 
  • More is taken than is left behind. What is it? 
  • I may shatter if you drop me. But, so long as you keep that grin on your face, I’ll keep it right back on yours. Who am I? 
  • Is there anything that can be broken but never fall, or something that can fall but never break? 
  • If I don’t eat, I’ll die, but everything I come into contact with turns red. Who am I?

Thought-Provoking Riddles for Fun

These riddles will test your wit and ability to think outside the box. What are these riddles?

  • Both the manufacturer and the consumer have no use for the product. 
  • I possess dry lakes, stoneless mountains, and abandoned urban centers. Who am I? 
  • What is brown, has no legs, and has a head and a tail? 
  • The standard weekdays are Monday through Sunday, but can you name three days without mentioning any of those? 
  • Which of the following has the letter “e” at the beginning and consists of a single word? 
  • What do you own, but other people use more often than you do? 
  • _________ can show you where to go, but it can’t take you there by itself. 
  • What has a bunch of keys but none of them work?

Riddle Quiz Questions for Smart Teens and Adults

Taking riddle quiz questions can be a great way to test your knowledge and study for a big test. This quiz will help you navigate the world of riddle quiz questions!

  • No man could hold this for more than a few seconds, despite how light it is. Who am I? 
  • Which stationary object completely circles the backyard? 
  • Take away my freedom, and I will only grow stronger. Who am I? 
  • I can’t scratch myself despite having two excellent hands. Who am I? 
  • Those at the bottom of society have it. Those with means require it. It’s fatal if you ingest it. What am I?
  • Exactly what rises when the sky opens up to rain? 
  • I can’t fly, walk, or even flap my arms, but I can still reach the clouds. Who am I? 
  • To have me is to want to share me with others. You can’t have me and give me away at the same time. Who am I?
  •  Despite my many flaws, I am still functional as a water container. Who am I?

Wrapping Up

It’s a lot of fun and a welcome break from real life to ponder these tough riddle quiz questions and think about the answers! I hope you use these riddle questions to stimulate your mind this season.

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