Making a Science Quiz? Use These Questions

The Earth we inhabit is incredible. There is always something new to learn. Whether it be about the various flora and fauna, the endless landscapes, or the hidden natural treasures all around us.

Science agrees that Earth has much less knowledge than the field of exploration and discovery. It goes without saying that continuing to learn about the world and the science that underlies it all can be a ton of fun.

Let’s say you were hoping to broaden your knowledge and learn something new about the world around you. These intriguing science trivia questions and answers can help you do that by expanding your horizons and stimulating your mind.

If you enjoy science trivia, you might be familiar with the solutions to some of these challenging questions. There are a ton of fascinating scientific facts that are bizarre, unbelievable, and true. Science has lots of fascinating facts that you can make into entertaining trivia questions, including physics, biology, astrology, and physics.

When it comes to kid-friendly trivia, many people are baffled by what appears to be a straightforward science question. You might be surprised by some of the more challenging trivia questions below.

Science Quiz Questions!

  • Do you know what DNA stands for?
  • How many bones are there in an adult human?
  • Who among the following famous physicists discovered the idea of gravity?
  • Which natural substance on Earth has the highest hardness?
  • What principal gas makes up the atmosphere of the Earth?
  • How much genetic material do humans and chimpanzees have in common?
  • What gas makes up the majority of the atmosphere on Earth?
  • How many minutes, hours, or days does it typically take for the sun’s light to reach Earth?
  • What renowned British physicist is the author of A Brief History of Time?
  • When do Celsius and Fahrenheit have the same temperature?
  • What contemporary nation was Marie Curie born in?
  • Which planet in our solar system has the largest surface area?
  • What is the term used to describe the quantity of protons present in an atom’s nucleus?
  • How many vertebrae are there in a typical human body?
  • Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite in 1957, and what was its name?
  • Which of the medical profession’s oaths of ethics bears the name of a doctor from antiquity?
  • What is the name of an electrically conductive but not conducive element?
  • What Apollo moon mission launched the first lunar rover?
  • How many teeth are there in an adult human?
  • What is the name of this field of research of mushrooms?
  • How many hues can you see in the rainbow?
  • Which plant has the record for being the tallest on earth?
  • What element is present in the universe in the most incredible abundance?
  • Sound propagates more quickly through water or the air?
  • Which desert is the biggest one on the planet?
  • Will the possibility of going to space affect your height?
  • Dolphins and whales are what type of animals?
  • Tell us an example of a food with acid.
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We hope you liked our list of science quiz questions. We tried to keep the questions as general as it can possible be. Why? To state each science discipline their own questions and answers. If you thought these science questions were too easy for you to get the answer of, ask these to your children!

The answers for these science question quiz aren’t hard to get, but they do give you a good bit of challenge.

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