The Best Snapchat Story Questions for 2022!

Snapchat is still a good and fun platform with a passionate audience, despite some platforms like Tiktok and Instagram taking center stage this year.

Snapchat currently has 238 million active users every day, with each user spending an average of 30 minutes there each day. Businesses that want to connect with young consumers.

Generation Z, especially Millennials, and younger consumers should consider maintaining user engagement on Snapchat. Now a third-party app that allowed friends to submit anonymous responses to the company.

One of the most popular features on Snapchat over the past year was the ability to ask questions or respond to them. In this article, we’ll examine how Snapchat Story questions can be used by businesses to promote their own or their clients’ brands. 

What Are Snapchat Story Questions?

The Best Snapchat Story Questions for 2022!
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Snapchat Stories can be combined to create a picture or relatively brief video.

In the past year, it has become popular to add a sticker to your Story that permits users to send you an anonymous message. You can address these comments in your own Stories. 

You can create a Snapchat Story by combining several Snaps, which can be short videos or still photos. Friends can view this story for 24 hours after it has been posted. A recent development is an ability to request a sticker to be added to your Story, permitting friends to leave you an anonymous comment.

You are able to comment on this in your own Stories. Either ask your friends questions directly or encourage them to do so so that you can respond to them in real-time in your Stories. Below, we’ll demonstrate how to use Snapchat’s Ask Me Anything feature.

How to Ask Questions on Snapchat Stories?

A Snapchat in-app editor allows you to add writing to your images and encourages friends to solve questions or submit their own. After keeping a close eye on your inbox, you can summarize the Q&As in one of your Stories. 

Utilizing a third-party tool, like the at-the-moment well-liked YOLO tool, is a far more prevalent option. You must download this independent, standalone app, connect it to your Snapchat account using your Snapchat login information, and then use it. 

Despite using a third-party tool, it appears to be a seamless integration and has the same appearance as the Instagram “Questions” sticker. The text box is clickable, allowing users to type their response there and tap to submit it. You can reply publicly in your Stories after receiving the response.

Once Yolo is configured and connected to your Snapchat account, using it is simple. Any writing you want your audience to respond to should go in the “question” box. You can pose a query to them or incite them to do so. The level of specificity or generality is entirely up to you.

Consider the background image you’ll use before choosing the text box color because you can change it. In the bottom right corner is a yellow “Share” button that you should click if you are happy with the question.

Your text box will consequently show up. Then, along with all of your standard Story features, you can add a background image or video.

Following publication, watch for it to show up in your Stories. Users can type their response after swiping up. They’ll receive a notification that you can view in the Yolo app. You can respond and post your response in a new Story.

Questions To Ask for a Snapchat Story!

  • Can you really find your soul mate?
  • What is the one thing standing in the way of me accomplishing my objectives?
  • Which of our challenges as a couple do you think has been the most difficult?
  • What arouses your greatest passion?
  • What talent do I possess that I am completely unaware of?
  • As soon as you awaken, one of the first thoughts that come to your mind?
  • Which one of my qualities do you find the most annoying? (Show respect!)
  • Which feature of love scares you the most?
  • What qualities do you see in me that you don’t believe many others have?
  • Which kind of love is most significant?
  • What has been the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done for you?
  • Which worry causes you the most serious concern?
  • It’s been a while.
  • Where did you spend last week?
  • What amusing games do you enjoy?
  • What advice would you be able to give me?
  • Which questions to ask to people you don’t know?
  • Send me your best Snaps on the Snapchat app?
  • Share a Snapchat Story with your best friend!
  • Give me some thoughts on coming up with chat ideas with someone you don’t know on Snapchat?
  • Give me new ideas for a Snapchat Story with a question at the end quick!
  • Snaps with friends!
  • What are the best apps for content?
  • What are the greatest questions to ask about social relationships?
  • Some new questions for a Snapchat story that you didn’t know the answers to!
  • Here’s a story on Snapchat for new people and new friends!


If you haven’t been using Snapchat with your friends, don’t feel late yet! Snapchat is still a popular public platform that you can look out for!

If you thing this list of Snapchat story questions, give it a try on your Snapchat today!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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