Superhero Trivia Questions for Kids

How about some comic book and superhero trivia questions to spice up your next party? Let the fun begin!

Superheroes are a type of character in fictional works who battle evil forces using various superhuman powers and abilities. 

This article presents a collection of the finest superhero trivia and comic book fan questions. These are just the right questions from Batman to the Incredible Hulk to put you in the humorous book mood. 

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The Best Superhero Trivia Questions

Superhero questions are fun for both trivia games and comic costume fashion shows. With so many heroes, it’s hard to know what to ask about. But these questions will always catch the attention of comic fans and trivia buffs. 

  • What is the identity of the superhero who goes by the name “Man of Steel?” 
  • In what year did the first “Iron” film premiere? 
  • In the film’s final moments, what does Tony reveal to Thaddeus Ross about the Incredible Hulk?
  • Do you know Batman’s real name? 
  • When Mr. Freeze strikes, who do you contact? 
  • How about naming Scarlet Witch’s superhero sibling? 
  • Can you name Superman’s fatal flaw? 
  • Where did Spider-Man get his extraordinary abilities?
  • In the film adaptation of Spider-Man, Uncle Ben offers some advice to Peter. What was it?
  • Put in the missing word(s) to complete the adage, “With great power, comes great…”

Interesting Trivia Questions of Your Favorite Superheroes

These trivia questions are unlike any other you will find, but it’s best to test your knowledge of your favorite subject. These questions will challenge you to think creatively, learn and analyze the topic, and win that little bragging rights.

  • Name the film’s antagonist in “Thor: The Dark World?” 
  • And who was it that once said, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” 
  • Who is the one with the indestructible bracelets and mystical lasso? 
  • Who among you has an impregnable defense? 
  • Name the film in which the Beast serves as a physician. 
  • Who is the meta human who can’t revert to human form? 
  • Who is Wonder Woman’s mom? 
  • When Raymond Palmer isn’t Raymond Palmer, who is he?

Wrapping Up

Whether a die-hard comic book reader or a recent convert, these superhero trivia questions will make you proud of your superhero knowledge.

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