Get Improved Feedback With Trainer Evaluation Question

A common goal for learning and certification providers is to obtain feedback from employees and trainees who have participated in training sessions. Without this feedback, it is nearly impossible to gauge the effectiveness of any training program.

With the right trainer evaluation questions, you can assess the effectiveness of the training. In addition, the feedback lets you identify the part of the training that needs improvement.

Since training exercises typically involve multiple aspects, dividing the survey into parts is best. This helps responders to navigate through and answer easily.

Segmenting the question also helps you to understand the answers and saves you time in analyzing the data gotten. 

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Trainer Evaluation Questions According to Different Segments

The segments in this article may not apply to all types of training. Nonetheless, you can select the parts relevant to your training and use them as written or alter them to your needs. These segments include:

  • Content 
  • Presentation
  • Structure
  • Training outcomes
  • Trainer
  • User experience
  • Duration


  • Do you think the quality of the content was consistent throughout?
  • Was the language of the training material easy to understand?
  • Did the training material cover the topics well enough?
  • How would you describe the overall quality of the content of the training material?
  • Which of the topics covered in the material do you think lacks the depth needed?
  • Do you think the visual aids can be improved, or they’re just perfect?


  • Was the material presented effectively?
  • Did you, at any time during the presentation, feel the course was automated?
  • How would you describe the overall tone of the training material?
  • If you could improve one aspect of the training presentation, which one would it be?
  • Which part of the course material do you think had the best presentation?
  • Do you feel we can make the course more interactive?


  • How would you rate the overall structure of the learning material?
  • Did you find the training sequence logical?
  • How efficient was the sequence of activities?
  • Which part of the training structure was challenging or got you confused?
  • How engaging was the course?

Training Outcomes

  • Did the training meet your expectations?
  • Were your overall learning objectives achieved?
  • What do you consider the most effective part of this training?
  • Would you take a course like this again?
  • What new things did you learn from this training?


  • Which of your trainers do you consider most helpful?
  • How organized were your trainers during the course?
  • Which of the trainers do you think you could have learned more from?
  • Who do you consider the most empathetic trainer?
  • How enthusiastic were the trainers?

User Experience

  • Did you find the learning interface intuitive?
  • Which part of the design interface do you like most?
  • Did you find the layout cluttered?
  • How quickly were you able to familiarize yourself with the learning interface
  • How do you think we can improve the overall design and experience for learners?


  • How long did it take to finish the training?
  • Do you consider the course too long or too short?
  • Did you have cause to pause the training at any point?
  • Was there enough time for you to complete the evaluation at the end of each module?
  • What other thoughts do you have on the course duration?

Final Words

Trainer evaluation questions are becoming important factors in delivering high-quality training. These questions ensure you get feedback from your trainees about what sets you apart from your competitors.

Also, the questions pinpoint where you can improve your performance. Overall, they offer valuable insights that can be used to improve future training exercises.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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