Fun Travel Quiz Questions: a Better Guide

Many people have a strong desire to travel but lack time to do so.

However, traveling is a rejuvenating experience that imprints memories in our minds. There are a lot of travel games that everyone can participate in that helps make the time spent traveling feel more immersive and exciting.

Whether you’re looking for fun with friends, family, or colleagues, here are some great travel quiz questions you can use!

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List of Travel Quiz Questions & Answers

So do you want to quiz your travel-lover friends and test their knowledge of the places they have been to?

Have you checked out some travel quiz questions for a more enjoyable trip? Below is a list of questions to help you think about what you may want to do on your dream trip.

If you’re looking for a travel trivia quiz night with family or friends, these travel questions are a great way to feel the Wanderlust.

Random Travel Quiz Questions

What capital city is located the furthest north?

– Reykjavik

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has how many Emirates?

– 7

What nation has the smallest land area in the world?

– Vatican City

Which African Country is Zanzibar an island of?

– Tanzania

What type of country has Finland been classified as over the past three years (2018-2020)?

– The happiest Country in the world

Is Antarctica a Desert?

– Yes

Egypt or Sudan: Which country has the most pyramids?

– Sudan

In which City may one find Khao San Road?

– Bangkok

Which country’s national dish is Stinky Tofu?

– Taiwan

A specific bench at the Taj Mahal is named after a famous person. Who is it?

– Princess Diana

What is the number of stars on the American flag?

– 50

Which two countries share Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America?

– Bolivia & Peru

The Dish Poutine originated from which Country?

– Canada

Which Country has the highest Muslim population?

– Indonesia

What was Italy’s currency before it started using the Euro?

– Lira

What is Spain’s national dish?

– Paella

More Travel Quiz Trivia Questions About the World

Which country considers cows a sacred animal?

– India

Which country hosted the filming of “The Beach”?

– Thailand

Tell me the Capital City of Turkey.

– Ankara

Which two London Underground stations are the closest together?

– Covent Garden and Leicester Square

What is Scotland’s National Animal?

– A Unicorn

One of the Seven Wonders of the World is the Colosseum in Rome. True or False?

– True

What does the Australian slang term “Esky” mean?

– An Ice Box OR Insulated container to keep things cool

Can you tell me which icon is on the Canadian Flag?

– Maple Leaf

What is another name for the South East Asia Backpacking Route?

– The Banana Pancake Trail

Which Sea borders the North of Turkey?

– The Black Sea

Maté is the National Drink of which American Country?

– Argentina

In which park is London’s Winter Wonderland held?

– Hyde Park

Which nation’s flag has an AK-47 on it?

– Mozambique

Whose population is the highest so far, Ethiopia or Nigeria?

– Nigeria

The tallest living man in the world is from which country?

– Turkey

What was the initial name of Iran prior to 1935?

– Persia

Mexico is located on which continent?

– North America


Celebrate your love for travel with these fun and interesting questions! In the end, who doesn’t love traveling?

The fun in traveling doesn’t stop with how you travel, but also how you learn about the journey. To test someone who loves to travel and gather knowledge about the world, our list of questions can be a great start.

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