Fun Trivia Questions You Can Try Today

Trivia questions offer a great chance to learn new things while also mixing things up on the weekends. Why would you want to get locked into an evening of the same old routine?

Try out some trivia challenge questions today. Whether you enjoy a little friendly competition or you just want to know your friends better, trivia questions are the way to go.

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Top Trivia Challenge Questions

Trivia challenge questions are typically divided into different categories, ranging from general knowledge to sports and entertainment. We have quite a few for you as well.

As you read on, you’ll find trivia questions divided into different sections. You’ll also find the answers right in front of the questions.

General Trivia Quiz Questions

  • What does “WWW” stand for? (World Wide Web)
  • Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are found in which country? (Australia)
  • Which punctuation mark do you use at the end of an imperative sentence? (Exclamation point or period)
  • The biggest tech company in South Korea is? (Samsung)
  • Which animal will you find on the Porsche logo? (Horse)
  • Apple released the first iPhone model in which year? (2007)
  • Which king officially made Valentine’s Day a holiday? (King Henry VIII)
  • What food can a tick bite make you allergic to? (Red meat)
  • Which country crosses eight time zones and borders 14 nations? (Russia)
  • What’s the capital of Ghana? (Accra)

Science Trivia Quiz Questions

  • Ozone has how many molecules of oxygen? (Three)
  • The hottest planet in the solar system is? (Venus)
  • The chemical symbol of lead is? (Pb)
  • Meteorology is the study of what? (Weather)
  • True or false, Andrew Fleming discovered penicillin (False. Alexander Fleming discovered it)

Sports Trivia Quiz

  • Who won the first FIFA World Cup held in 1930? (Uruguay)
  • The Olympic Games originated from which country? (Greece)
  • What do we call the people in charge of a game of soccer? (Match officials)
  • Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Serena Williams or Venus Williams? (Serena Williams)
  • Who has the highest number of goals in FIFA World Cup history? (Miroslav Klose)

Food Trivia Question

  • What’s the first drink that made it to space? (Coca-Cola)
  • Gouda cheese originated from which country? (Netherlands)
  • True or false, honey is the only edible food that never goes bad (True)
  • The common name for dried plums is? (Prunes)
  • Which popular food shares a name with a German city? (Hamburger)

Entertainment Trivia

  • The first interracial kiss on American network television was shown on? (Star Trek)
  • True or false, Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes (True)
  • What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters? (Drizella and Anastasia)
  • Which actor/actress has the most Oscar award? (Katharine Hepburn)
  • The first feature-length animated movie ever released was? (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Final Words

If you love playing trivia games, you will find a formidable test in the questions on our list. You can play the game with friends at work or at a hangout. Just remember to enjoy the game and have fun.

You have to show up prepared to answer questions as soon as they are asked, so you can keep up.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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