Unconventional Interview Questions They Will Never Expect

From a recruiter’s perspective, finding the best candidate for the position is the biggest reward.

You want to find someone with the right attitude and skillset for the job. But this isn’t always an easy task, especially when applicants have made a habit of rehearsing and even memorizing answers for common questions. This is where asking unconventional interview questions can prove very helpful.

With the help of these questions, you can quickly get to know applicants. They’ll never expect you to ask these questions, so you can be sure the answers you get are genuinely candid!

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Unconventional Interview Questions

Which fundamental truth do you agree with that the majority disagrees with?

This is a famous interview question by one of the most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of all time, Peter Thiel. It shows whether a candidate can stand for their beliefs.

Do the candidates have their original thoughts and are they unafraid to stand by them? This will reveal a lot about the kind of person you’re hiring. An interviewee must be confident to stand their ground and not just say what the employer wants to hear.

If you received a call after this interview that you won $100 million, would you still want to get this job?

The honest answer to this is 99% of the time, “No.” They will then talk about the things they’ll do with the money and what they’re personally passionate about.

Depending on the candidate, you may be able to gain insight into their entrepreneurial qualities. They may decide to use the money for business or invest it into other opportunities.

If the candidate answered “yes,” you might want to ask follow-up questions to probe deeper and determine if they’re lying. If not, you can conclude that she or she is genuinely passionate about the company and the role. But let’s face it, this is rarely the case.

What words would you use to describe your sense of humor?

This is a fun question, but it can sometimes make people nervous. Everybody knows how to put on a bit of humor, but it takes a while to come out in the workplace.

There is no wrong answer to this kind of question. But it will provide a good insight into how a candidate might fit into the company culture.

What are you most proud of outside of work?

The answer to this question shows what your candidate values most in life and their motivation to work.

You can learn more about this person’s values and struggles in life by seeing what they’re most proud of. It could be by helping their family achieve a better life, improving the environment and community, or simply enjoying life with friends.

Why Would We Not Hire You For This Role?

This is a creative spin on the common question, “What are your weaknesses?” Candidates are encouraged to be honest about their weaknesses and be vulnerable with you.

This allows you to ask candidates introspectively and discuss how they and the company can turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Need More Unconventional Interview Questions?

We all know how challenging it can be to think of unconventional questions to ask during an interview. But some online tools can help you out. One tool, in particular, that’s worth trying is the INK Engaging Questions Tool.

Make use of the power of AI technology to generate genuinely unique questions. To use this tool, type in the topic of your question and the audience it will be directed at. You can also choose the tone of the question from professional, funny, persuasive, and so on. Click on AI Write, and you’ll be greeted with some excellent questions you can copy directly! Try it out yourself and save a significant amount of time thinking of good questions.

Final Thoughts

Every recruiter struggles to see through a candidate’s unique personality and skills. Unconventional interview questions aim to create a situation where the applicant is forced to answer genuinely and honestly.

Try these questions for your next interview to help you see whether the candidate would be an excellent fit for your company!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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