Top Questions for Valentine’s Day!

Many people associate Valentine’s Day with romance, chocolates, roses, and expensive dinners at posh restaurants. For many people, the holiday is all about those things.

Valentine’s Day is actually much more than just what we celebrate on 14th of February. And what better way to learn about February 14 than to become acquainted with some interesting Valentine’s Day trivia? Do you know, for instance, which flower people tend to buy the most on Valentine’s Day? Or the most well-liked flavor among the assorted chocolate bonbons in each box?

Have a look at these Valentine’s Day facts as you look for the ideal “I love you” gift while you’re out shopping. They’ll teach you even more about this unique holiday.

And, if you’re still having trouble deciding how to celebrate this day dedicated to love, here’s a tip. Think about preparing a candlelit dinner for two or watching a romantic Valentine’s Day film.

Of course, don’t forget to express your love for your significant other in a Valentine’s Day card. This is also known as the “ultimate love letter.” If your significant other likes Valentine’s Day trivia, you might even include one of these surprising and amazing facts in your card.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at some Valentine’s Day trivia questions! Sounds exciting? Well then, keep reading until the end!

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions!

Top Questions for Valentine's Day!
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  • When does Valentine’s Day fall?
  • Romeo and Juliet are a play that is set in which Italian city?
  • What does the phrase “xoxo” mean?
  • Where does one’s heart reside if one expresses their emotions in public?
  • Which TV show has the episode “The One with the Candy Hearts”?
  • What does “love” sound like in French?
  • Which 2010 film features Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Garner?
  • What city is known as the city of love?
  • What color of rose symbolizes love?
  • Which Roman deity is portrayed with a bow and arrow at all times?
  • What is the mythological name of Cupid?
  • Whose son is Cupid, according to Roman mythology?
  • Who is the person Cupid falls in love with in Roman mythology?
  • Which Roman goddess is the inspiration behind the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve”?
  • What TV show goes by the same name as another Victorian-era term for a cruel and hilariously mocking Valentine’s Day card?
  • Who created the earliest Valentine’s Day message that is known?
  • What was the source of the earliest Valentine’s Day message recorded?
  • Who wrote the earliest Valentine’s Day message known to exist when?
  • Which year saw a temporary halt to the production of Sweethearts?
  • On Valentine’s Day, roughly how many roses are sent?
  • What Roman holiday, which Romans traditionally observed on February 15th, may be traced back to the celebrations of Valentine’s Day?
  • Who made the original candy box for Valentine’s Day?
  • How many engagements are announced on Valentine’s Day on average?
  • What do florists refer to when there is just one red rose and baby’s breath around it?
  • How many beats per minute does kissing raise most people’s heart rates?
  • What city receives letters addressed to Juliet every year?
  • What year is it believed that Saint Valentine was crucified?

More Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions!

  • How many boxes of chocolates in the shape of hearts are typically sold on Valentine’s Day?
  • What is the origin of the mythical love goddess Aphrodite?
  • What nation celebrates Friends Day on Valentine’s Day?
  • The first Valentine’s Day was celebrated on what date?
  • Why did medieval women and girls celebrate Valentine’s Day by consuming strange foods?
  • The majority of red roses in America are grown in which state?
  • What infamous crime boss planned the St. Valentine’s Day massacre?
  • What percentage of their total annual income do Americans spend on chocolate for Valentine’s Day?
  • Which significant innovation was patented on Valentine’s Day?
  • How many cards are sent and received on Valentine’s Day annually?
  • On Valentine’s Day, how many rose stems are sold annually?
  • What proportion of men in committed relationships doesn’t make Valentine’s Day plans? 
  • Which fruit was once referred to as a “love apple” because of its purported aphrodisiac qualities?
  • What date did the oldest surviving love poem appear?
  • Which nation observes a holiday on the fourteenth of each month?
  • What marriage has the most extended recorded lifespan according to Guinness World Records?
  • Which nation produces most of the roses sold in the United States on Valentine’s Day?
  • Which celebrated holiday follows Valentine’s Day by almost two months, and on which cards are also sent?
  • What proportion of those who purchase flowers on February 14 do so as gifts?
  • What represents the origin of all human emotions and is connected to Valentine’s Day?
  • Ribbons have been used as a symbol since when?
  • Whose preferred flower is the red rose?
  • Ribbons have been used as a symbol since when?
  • Where are wooden love spoons made and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day?
  • When was the first time signing a Valentine’s Day card was deemed unlucky?


Whether you are celebrating or not, there are still some fun things to do with your significant other and friends on Valentine’s Day.

Today’s hyper-connected society makes it easier than ever to create an event or be a part of one! What is your favorite celebration or tradition on Valentine’s Day? Do you still celebrate it burn a rose and share a valentine? Let us know!

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