A List of “What Am I?” Game Questions to Have Fun with Friends

If you’re a fan of riddles and quizzes, you must be familiar with “What Am I?” quiz questions. Here are some entertaining what am I game questions to have a little bit of fun with today.

We have thought of some tricky questions that challenge your thinking and make you think outside the box. It’s time to build your brain power with the riddles in this post and enjoy a delightful time with family and kids around mealtime.

List of “What Am I?” Game Questions

What Am I Game is an easy-to-use, humorous game option for your party or event. This activity works best with groups of friends and entertains guests for hours on end. Put your knowledge to the test and quickly decipher the cues of these what am I game questions for a fun time.

Tricky What Am I Questions

You dig more as long as it’s red, but you stop when you reach green. What am I?

– Watermelon

When I’m young, I’m tall, and when I’m older, I’m short. What am I?

– A Candle

My head and tail will never meet. It’s always fun to have too much of me. What am I?

– A coin

I shave every day, but my beard remains the same. What am I?

– A barber

I help you from top to bottom. The more you make me work, the smaller I grow. What am I?

– A bar of soap

I don’t have wings, but I can fly. I have no eyes, yet I can cry. Darkness follows me everywhere I go.

– Clouds

I can measure heat, and I’m a god and a planet. What am I?

– Mercury

I cannot be thrown but can be caught. Ways to get rid of me are always sought.

– A cold

I have no trunk, fruit, or leaves, but I have branches. What am I?

– A bank

I am a seed with a three-lettered name. If you take away two, my sound remains the same. What am I?

– A pea

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Interesting What Am I Game Questions

More is left behind the more you take.

– Footsteps

Despite having several teeth, I cannot bite. I’m mostly used in the morning but rarely at night.

– A comb

Despite having two hands, I am unable to scratch myself. What am I?

– A clock

I am the start of everything and the end of everywhere. I am the start of eternity and the end of both time and space. What am I?

– The letter “e.”

Though I wave my hands at you, I don’t say goodbye. And when I am high, you’re always cool around me. What am I?

– An electric fan

You can’t touch me or catch me even though I constantly follow you and mirror your every move.

– Your shadow

I can kill you if I surround you; I’m always in you and sometimes on you.

– Water

I am something that always goes up and never comes down. What am I?

– Your age


There are many games that can challenge you mentally, which is one of the most underrated aspects of gaming. We have compiled a list of tricky “What Am I game?” questions to test your wit and have fun with family and kids. These questions offer a perspective outside the box and allow you to think hard and decode the clues to get to the answer.

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