Anti-Abortion Essay Introduction – a Quick Guide

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics that provokes strong opinions. As a result, anti-abortion essays are common topics for college students.

A good Anti-abortion essay introduction grabs the reader’s attention and provides background information for a better understanding of the topic.

Abortion topics are very sensitive topics, especially in today’s society, with many people supporting or opposing abortions. Professors assign such topics to get students to take a side and present their arguments. Students are expected to argue for or against abortion with strong evidence to back up their claims.

This guide discusses how to write a compelling anti-abortion essay introduction.

What Is an Anti-Abortion Essay?

Abortion is a very controversial subject. There are many strong pro-life and pro-choice arguments. Pro-life advocates believe that abortion is killing a human being. They argue that the fetus is a living human being and should be allowed to live. Pro-choice advocates believe that abortion is a woman’s right to choose.

While some countries have legalized the procedure, others still have heavy restrictions. In some nations, abortion is only legal when the mother’s life is in danger, such as in an ectopic pregnancy. 

Abortion essays argue for or against abortion, with solid evidence to support their claims. Anti-abortion essays argue that abortion is morally and legally wrong and should be banned. Such essays analyze the effects of abortion and suggest that the procedure ends a life.

Anti-Abortion Essay Introduction

Like other essays, anti-abortion essays begin with an introduction, a premise that is important to the essay’s overall argument. The introduction provides an overview and background of the topic and includes the thesis. A good introduction grabs the reader’s attention while introducing and summarizing the essay’s main points. 

Here is an example of anti-abortion essay introduction.

Are you comfortable with killing children?

Abortion shouldn’t be legal. It’s killing an innocent child. The subject is touchy, and there are always people for it. They make a good argument for abortion, forgetting the many consequences. Ninety-nine percent of abortions in the United States are for convenience.

Abortions from rape, incest, and risk to the mother’s life make up only one percent. Life starts at conception, and aborting a child takes away the right to life. There’s no reason to take a life for the sake of convenience. Isn’t it a human right to decide whether to live or not? Why, then should we take an innocent life? 

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Wrapping Up

Abortion is a sensitive and highly controversial topic. Some people think it shouldn’t be legal because it is murder. Others support the legal right of a woman to have the procedure.

There’s no right or wrong here; it’s just a matter of opinion. Writing an anti-abortion essay that is both persuasive and thought-provoking is no easy task. Your introduction must grab the readers’ attention, spark their curiosity and compel them to read the rest of your essay

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