Argumentative Essay Introduction Format: A Quick Guide

Writing a great argumentative essay can be a daunting task. Crafting a brilliant introduction is one of the essential steps in the writing process. The introduction conveys the thesis early on and sets the tone for what is to follow. It’s the first thing people will read, so it’s best to make it captivating and memorable. The argumentative essay intro format in this guide will help you write a compelling and exciting opening statement for your essay. 

The introductory paragraph of your essay is your chance to set the stage for the argument. A good introduction helps the reader understand the essay’s focus. Your introduction should begin with a hook that grabs the reader’s attention. It should provide background information on the topic, and end with the thesis statement. This guide discusses the argumentative essay intro format. 

What is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay persuades its readers through logical reasoning and rational examples to support an argument. 

In an argumentative essay, the author takes a stance on a topic, presents their viewpoint, and provides evidence to back it up. The author is “arguing” for this point of view and hopes to persuade others to agree. 

An argumentative essay begins with an introduction, like every other essay. A good introduction presents the topic, provides background information, and puts forth the central argument logically and persuasively.

Argumentative Essay Intro Format

The introduction of an argumentative essay is a short paragraph that establishes the author’s position. This opening paragraph introduces the ideas the author will challenge throughout the paper to give the reader a new perspective.

The introduction should provide the reader with an overview of the essay. It must answer three questions: Why should the reader take the time to read your argument? What exactly is your thesis? How will you eventually prove your thesis? 

Here are the steps to writing a compelling introduction for an argumentative essay.

1. Begin with A Hook

An introduction needs to do everything to pull readers into the story. Begin your introduction with a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. You can begin with an interesting fact, quote, or personal anecdote about your topic. You can also start with an exciting question that forces readers to stop and think about the topic you wish to discuss. 

The hook aims to intrigue the reader and persuade them to read on. 

2. Include background

After writing a captivating hook, introduce the subject to set the tone for the rest of the piece. Provide a background on the topic to allow for a better understanding of the topic being presented. This can include giving a general history or context crucial to your argument. It should tell the readers the objective of the topic and why they should care. 

The background you provide should allow for a smooth transition from the opening sentence to the thesis of your piece. 

3. Present your thesis

The thesis is a precise statement that summarizes the essence of the argumentative essay. It should sum up the argument you’re trying to make with your writing. Your thesis statement should state your position on the topic. The rest of your paper will substantiate these claims and explain their reasoning. 

A well-written thesis statement gives your essay structure and direction. 

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Final Thoughts

In an argumentative essay, the author attempts to convince the reader to support their argument. The author presents a viewpoint, provides evidence to back it up, and persuades the reader to support them. 

The introduction sets the tone of an argumentative essay. It should present the topic, provide background information, and state the central argument or point you want your readers to accept. 

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