An Interesting Writing Guide About An Essay Intro and Conclusion

Writers always want to write content that gives enough information to their readers. They prefer text that answers the questions of people about a particular point. That is why it is important to have an essay intro and conclusion.

A paragraph’s introduction is a great example of masterfully presenting an argument in writing. On the other hand, the conclusion provides your reader a summary of everything they have learned. These are academic requirements that writers must follow when defending or presenting a statement.

An essay intro and conclusion can help you point out your claims better and write your text properly. The essay should sound academic by providing good points that answer the question of your target readers.

Aside from the thesis statement within the introduction, these two major parts help you express your main ideas better.

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What is an Essay Introduction?

An essay introduction is the first paragraph of any academic paper. It is the page number where you introduce your readers to what they should expect.

It tells readers what their purpose is in reading your paper. Also, it provides a quick summary of your paper and how it will be organized.

The introduction is a paragraph in which you introduce the reader to what you are going to tackle in the paper. You should explain any unusual or specific terms here to help the reader understand them.

Do not discuss any of your points in detail here, that will happen in the main body of your essay.

The Hook

A paper’s introduction has a hook. It is “something interesting to write about” and earns the place at the top of the essay. An introduction has to hook the reader, so that they are compelled to continue reading. This hook is what gets the reader invested in the story.

The Thesis Statement

Next, the thesis statement is what clearly introduces the main points you have. It is a specific thesis and not a sweeping generalization. Remember that a thesis should state a claim about the topic of the paper. The thesis introduction is usually 25%-35% of your essay, so make sure it is clear and concise.

What is an Essay Conclusion?

An ending is like a stamp. It is a visual marker for the reader.

Placing a stamp on a letter seals it, indicating that the letter is delivered. At the end of an essay, the reader sees a bookmark or summary, and will know that the piece is complete.

It is the wrapping like the bow you tie on the last package of Christmas presents. It is the last chapter, the epilogue, the postscript which says, “This concludes the content you have read.”

The Importance of Having an Essay Intro and Conclusion

Having an essay intro and conclusion gives a clear idea to your readers on what they will and have learned about. These parts are bridged by the paper’s main body which tackles all arguments.

The body of the essay will further explain the information you will share within these two parts. Writing an intro and conclusion allows you to give a comprehensible account of the information you will share and have shared.

Regardless if you are a student or a professional, writing an essay with this structure keeps your paper in order.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the language you will utilize, following a particular structure on writing your essay will allow you to clearly express your thoughts. This is a way for you to start and summarize your work. These are effective steps for you to make on answering your question, and the question of your readers.

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