Free Sample Essay On Introduction About Life

An essay is any form of literary composition typically considered to have a viewpoint. It may be expressed in prose, poetry, theoretical argument, or a mixture of both.

Although modern essays are often edited for clarity and length, the form is generally regarded as one of the most versatile literary genres. It has been described as “the most important writing in the western canon.”

An essay about life looks at the subject with a reflective intention, whether on a philosophical or psychological level. Let’s delve in with a sample to understand the genre’s requirements better.

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Sample: Essay Introduction About Life

Wordsworth observed that our lives are a reflection of paradise. Even if some people might think that’s unrealistic, the bottom line is that life is precious.

If it weren’t the case, nobody would try to hold onto it for as long as they could. Existence is a necessary component of life because life cannot exist without it.

Comparison of Life: Different strokes for different folks

However, sometimes life is complicated. Many people do not have the good fortune to have a good education and some lack access to food and shelter. For them, life is hard, and existence is challenging.

However, hope is another essential component of life which is equally as significant as existence. People cling to hope when they feel like darkness is consuming their life. Hope is what makes it possible to survive. Everyone should evaluate how vital survival and hope are in life and living.

Philosophy of life

The most challenging thing in today’s world is to survive, because competition thrives and can be choking. Hope is the only means of survival for people whose very existence is difficult. This is one way to put life into words.

However, the truth is that we cannot express life in words. Words cannot adequately express any person’s sense of meaning and purpose. Some use their lives to make something or build something. Others try to learn something, or choose to have fun in life.

It is impossible to say which of these outlooks is better or worse than the others. It demonstrates how people consider their own lives and how they understand their assignment on earth.

Life’s perspective

But finding meaning and purpose can be challenging. Life comprises mainly of experiences. In actuality, it directs a person from birth to death. Every occasion has a lesson for the person who has it.

While some people want to grow from their mistakes, others tend to dismiss them. Finding the meaning and purpose of one’s life might be challenging due to experiences.

Every new event has an impact on how that person views life. As a result, there cannot be just one perspective on life. Because of this, there is no singular meaning or goal that anyone can attach to their existence.

Some of us try to compare our hardships to those who have endured similar or worse. We frequently turn to autobiographies and biographies while doing this.

While the other is written by someone who records such feelings, the former is written by the individual who feels them. But they both depict life in very different ways.

It demonstrates how life continues even after death, following the same path as the ancient Egyptians, who held the same belief. But even after death, life and the impact it leaves behind endure. Therefore, to put it another way, life is limitless and lasts forever.

Wrapping Up

One of the most difficult things in life is bridging the gap between the realities of life and a dream world. To do so is not an easy endeavor.

It is often easier to focus on the negative than to realize the good in one’s life. Many individuals have spent most of their lives struggling with this discrepancy in their reality.

Some have even become stuck in a cycle of living in the same mundane ways and never being able to break out of it. This essay addresses the point that life is limitless, so we should not allow the past to overtake the present.

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