Writing An Interesting Feature Article Introduction

A feature article is a piece of writing that explores a topic of current importance and presents information in a narrative. The introduction of a feature article is a vital part of the article. It lures readers in and entices them to read the rest of the piece. This guide on feature article introduction will teach you how to write an excellent introduction for your article. 

The introduction sets the tone of the article and tells the reader what to expect. A good introductory paragraph steers the article in the direction that the author wants it to go. An effective introduction paragraph draws the reader in with a hook, elaborates on the topic, and ends with the author’s main point. 

What is A Feature Article?

A feature article is written to provide more depth to issues, topical events, or people. It provides background information on a newsworthy topic in addition to the writer’s personal experience.

Feature articles combine facts and personal experience, provide a perspective about the topic, and include catchy titles and images. They’re written in short paragraphs and commonly found in newspapers, online blogs, magazines, and news sites. Some examples of feature articles are: 

  • Profiles or biography of public persons.
  • How-to or step-by-step instructional guides. 
  • Important events and issues.
  • Interesting stories about someone’s experience that could teach the audience a valuable lesson or raise awareness about an important issue.
  • Article about a personal experience.
  • Seasonal articles specific to a time of the year.
  • Behind-the-scenes articles that give readers a peek into the background happenings of an event, issue, or process.

How to Write A Feature Article Introduction

The introduction of a feature article is one of its essential sections. It helps the reader decides whether or not to read the whole article. The introduction sets the stage for the information you’re going to share. It should establish the topic and present interesting details that grab the reader’s attention.

The first impression is key, so writing a simple, compelling introduction is essential. Here are the basic parts of a feature article introduction.

1. Hook/Opening Sentence

Draw the reader’s attention with an interesting and provocative opening statement. Keep it concise, clear, and exciting. The opening sentence should set the scene, spark the reader’s curiosity and establish a connection with the audience. You may state a shocking fact or statistic, offer an interesting anecdote, present a joke or ask a thought-provoking question. However, your hook must relate to and adequately introduce the subject of discussion.

2. Background Information

Provide more details on the article’s topic. Include some background information to give the reader a better understanding of the topic. The background may include a historical, social, or geographical context or a summary of relevant theories about the topic. Explain the purpose of the story and why it is relevant.

3. Concluding sentence

The ending sentence of your feature article introduction should allow for a smooth transition into the body of the article. It should summarize the article’s main points or central focus, which will be presented in the body. 

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Writing a good introductory paragraph can be challenging. The benefit of having a well-knit introduction is that readers will feel more compelled to continue reading. 

Begin with a hook that grabs the reader’s attention and provides background information on the topic. This guide on feature article introduction will help you write a compelling introduction to your article.

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