Globalization Essay Intro Examples to Inspire You

Globalization is the process by which the world, previously isolated through physical and technological distance, becomes increasingly interconnected. This is a widely discussed topic in essays and various writing assignments. And if you want your essay to attract the attention it deserves, you’ll need to make a strong globalization essay introduction.

This article aims to provide some examples to inspire you to create a powerful introduction. We’ve also included some information about globalization that you need to know to write an informative essay.

You can apply these ideas to your introduction to globalization essay so you can better present a cohesive unit of work.

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What Is Globalization?

Before writing a comprehensive essay on globalization, it’s important to get a deeper knowledge of what it is. To help aid your research, here is a brief description of globalization.

Globalization is the spreading of ideas, knowledge, information, goods, and services worldwide. In the context of business, this term describes integrated economies marked by free trade and the free flow of capital among nations.

Globalization, or globalization as it is sometimes called, is driven by cultural and economic convergence. This convergence involves- and sometimes requires — increased interaction, integration, and interdependence between nations. The more countries and regions in different parts of the world become intertwined politically, culturally, and economically, the more globalized they become.

Why Is Globalization Important?

Globalization has radically changed the way businesses, nations, and people, in general, interact. It has affected the nature of economic activities among different nations by expanding trade and opening global supply chains. These benefits businesses because they have easier access to natural resources and labor.

Changes in the way nations trade and interacts also help to promote the exchange of cultural ideas. It eliminates barriers created by geographical limitations, political boundaries, and political economies.

Global trade benefits both parties by allowing each to take advantage of the other’s technological, natural, and human capital. It allows businesses of one nation to access resources from another nation. Businesses can find cheaper raw materials and parts, less expensive or more skilled labor, and more efficient ways to develop products.

8 Globalization Essay Introduction Examples

Example 1

With globalization and open markets, there has been a significant rise in multinational companies in recent years. Companies are going global because they want to expand their market, access resources, and build new talent pools. This way, companies can create greater value for shareholders and compete effectively. Companies are developing and expanding their workforce across the globe. Some have team members living in different countries. Many organizations have started hiring virtual teams due to this new trend.

Example 2

Globalization is the spread of a business, culture, or technology internationally. When borders of countries and continents no longer matter, the whole world becomes one large village. The goal of globalization is to reduce geographical and political barriers so businesses worldwide can run more smoothly. 

Example 3

Globalization is the process by which the world becomes more interconnected culturally, economically, and politically. The increase in intercultural relations worldwide results in shared ideas, cultures, goods, services, and investments. Globalization has been going on for several decades, but it has witnessed a significant increase in the past sixty years. Thomas Friedman describes the current globalization trend as the third major wave of globalization in human history.

Example 4

Globalization has been a decade-long phenomenon, and whether or not it generates growth depends on your viewpoint. The western world, especially the US and some European countries, is the one that fully reaps the benefits of globalization. Many experts, however, argue that globalization isn’t helping developing countries very well. Some even think that it worsens poverty and inequality scenarios in these countries.

Example 5

Globalization is the way forward for economic growth and technology integration. Producers and service manufacturers can sell their products and services globally without many restrictions. High growth rates in the service industry can also be attributed to globalization. And no one should be left behind in the global marketplace.

Example 6

Globalization has occurred rapidly in recent decades. It has created economic, social, political, and cultural integration worldwide. It does this through technological advancement, telecommunications, transportation, and so on. Although it has countless benefits for businesses, its negative effects also need to be addressed.

Example 7

Globalization has affected our daily lives in one way or another without us knowing it. Rapid advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and economic liberalization of trade and investment have accelerated globalization. Modern-day markets are becoming saturated with both industrial goods and daily purchases.

Example 8

Through various means, globalization has changed human lives around the world. In recent years we have seen the integration of societies and domestic economies grow. We have seen a shift in the way people live and work. It offers new opportunities for people, as well as new economic challenges. Future generations must understand how globalization can affect their lives.

How Long Should an Essay Introduction Be?

The length of your introduction should be proportional to the entire length of your essay. It shouldn’t be too long that it overwhelms your reader. But it shouldn’t be too short either that it fails to introduce your topic and argument clearly.

As a general rule, it’s best to keep the word count of essay introductions at 10% of the total essay word count. For example, if you have a 3000-word essay, you should write an introduction around 300 words long.


When writing a globalization essay introduction, it’s important to be concise yet thorough. You need to provide readers with the main points of your essay while keeping it interesting and understandable. Hopefully, these introduction examples have inspired you to make your own. Good luck!

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