Best Intros on 5 Paragraph Essays 2022

Every essay is a chance for you to present a unique viewpoint on a familiar topic. You may write about a topic you have studied for years and know like the back of your hand. Or, you may write about something you just learned.

Like in a free-response question coupled with a reading section during an exam. In either situation, writing a five-paragraph essay can be a helpful tool for expressing your ideas to a professional audience. But what are five-paragraph essays? And how can you write an introduction for them? Why is the introduction important anyway?

That’s why, in today’s guide, we’ll be looking at how you can write an introduction for five paragraph essays. Feel intrigued? Well then, stay tuned for more!

What Is a Five Paragraph Essay?

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An essay with five paragraphs is a prose composition that adheres to this basic format. There are three body paragraphs, a conclusion, and an introduction. The five-paragraph essay, though frequently criticized for being overly formulaic, is an indispensable tool in every writer’s toolbox. It comes in handy for timed writing assignments and exams.

Five-paragraph essay examples are rare in literature because the format is too condensed. The five-paragraph essay format is more common for academic assignments like term papers or short writing exercises. Instead of viewing it as a distinct essay genre, think of it as a writing tool to help with structure. 

This essay structure can also be seen as the foundation for almost every kind of essay you might write. It is based on a thesis statement and supports your thesis using key arguments organized into segments (or paragraphs). You can develop this strategy based on how much evidence or analysis is necessary for your essay.

The five-paragraph essay format’s versatility makes it appealing for a variety of essay types. As long as your topic is straightforward enough to be covered in only five paragraphs, you can use the structure of a five-paragraph essay. It helps you to communicate clearly and logically, regardless of whether your assignment is an argumentative essay or a compare-and-contrast essay.

Why Introduction for Five Paragraph Essays Is Important?

Every good story that has ever been told follows the same format. It begins, progresses, and ends. As such, students also need to employ the same tragedy of introduction, main body, and conclusion in their paper. 

Since students will only be working with five paragraphs, it’s important to make every word count. That’s why your introductory paragraph should explain why you chose your topic and what points you’re going to make. In the main body, you will give more attention to the points you’ve mentioned here.

Not only that, but your intro also contains perhaps the most important idea of the essay: the thesis statement. This statement should be able to give the reader a clear understanding of what the essay is going to be about! It should be enticing enough to get readers to want to read the main body and conclusion.

Writing an Introduction for Five Paragraph Essays!

Like any other essay, you must first determine your thesis or primary topic before you can start writing a five-paragraph essay. The three middle paragraphs of your essay will support, prove, or elaborate on your thesis. These are the ideas you will defend or further develop throughout the paper.

Of course, you must know what you’re writing about before you start writing. If your thesis isn’t listed in the assignment, pick one with enough information to warrant discussion or, at the very least, five paragraphs’ worth. 

The thesis statement is the sentence in the introduction that informs the reader of the topic of the essay. This is typically where writers provide an explanation of the thesis. It’s not necessary to write this first. However, framing the subject in a single sentence can help you understand it, give it focus, and, if necessary, edit it. 

We suggest writing a brief essay outline after choosing a topic, so you’ll know what details to include and in which paragraphs. Your five-paragraph essay outline serves as a blueprint that you can use to organize and structure your essay in advance. This is so that you can spend less time editing it after the fact. 

There are several functions that the introduction fulfills. Without this, the hamburger’s structure crumbles. It is the “bun” of the sandwich. The first sentence in the introduction serves as the “hook,” drawing the reader in.

In addition to the hook that draws the reader in, your introduction should provide background information on the subject. This is to provide context for the reader.

You risk your reader not getting the whole picture without providing some background information on the subject.


Essays of five paragraphs consist of one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. As there aren’t many paragraphs you can be writing on, every paragraph and every word counts.

The introduction of a five-paragraph essay is designed to solve a problem. It’s the first part of the essay and gives the reader a clear idea of what the essay will be about. It goes into more depth about the argument, the author’s qualifications, and their support for the proposition.

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