Writing an Intro For Essays on Money!

Money — it makes the world go round. Also called the great equalizer, it might be the greatest invention humankind has ever come up with.

To think that we were still bartering in marketplaces just a couple of thousand years ago. Imagine carrying two sacks of grain to get five watermelons! With reason, Lydians invented money as a method of interchange to get around this hassle. It is a hot topic to write an essay on. However, you might need help with the introduction.

After all, it’s the most critical part of the essay, according to a few! That’s why, in today’s guide, we’ll look at how to write introductions for money essays. Sounds exciting? Well then, dig in!

Examples of Introductions for Money Essays

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  • Money is the term used to describe the total amount of coins and bills. With the aid of money, we can satisfy our needs and purchase all of our possessions. Since we must pay for everything, we find it impossible to imagine a life without money. It is the preferred payment method because, before the invention of money, people used to obtain goods by exchanging other items for them. They frequently exchanged goods, services, and other things. It was known as the barter system.
  • Despite having only five letters, the word “money” has many meanings. People will do anything to make money, including committing crimes occasionally, which is more valuable than anything else. We all like to eat well, look good, and want to give our kids a good education. And we all need money to do all of these things. People turn to terrible means of earning money when they cannot meet their needs. We have become entirely oblivious to everything else because of money.
  • When purchasing various items, we need money as a form of payment. People then still lived in small towns and villages and traded goods without using money. However, everything has changed in the modern era, and we all want to participate in the growth and trend toward city life. A life in which purchasing water is necessary and one in which purchasing air is not too far off. But to meet our needs, money is the most important thing. You can therefore evaluate how important money is in our lives.
  • Governments of developing countries give the most importance to money. However, I argue that the GDP doesn’t bring the most value to the country!

More Example Introductions for Money Essays!

  • Any item or document typically accepted as payment for goods and services and a standard for deferred payments is referred to as money. Money’s three primary purposes are a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange. Currency (banknotes and coins) and bank money are both parts of a nation’s total money supply. Typically, most of the money supply is made up of bank money.
  • Money will enable us to realize our dream. We can take vacations to different locations, eat delectable food, purchase a lovely home, and purchase any luxuries. Profits from their enterprise enable numerous business persons to amass large sums of money. They make goods or offer services people need to generate income. Today, various businesses and startups have established themselves and found success. However, many people continue to turn to illegal means of earning a living and joining the corrupt system.
  • Money plays a significant role in our lives in the modern world. But for many people, the pressures and worries associated with it dominate every aspect of their existence. Young people are compelled to pause and consider their options before deciding to get married and start a family. The degree of their financial security is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Before a couple can even consider getting married, they frequently have to wait. At least until one or both of them land stable jobs with promising futures.
  • There is no denying that having money is necessary for a happy life. We will need money to support ourselves and keep up our good reputations to stay in good standing in society. Providing life’s necessities, such as comforts and amenities, requires money.

Continuing Our Examples For Money Essay Intros

  • Without money, it is impossible to live a happy and healthy life. We require cash even to purchase a single needle. We need more money in the modern world because everything is getting more expensive, and civilization is advancing and adopting western culture.
  • No one can survive without money in an expensive and fiercely competitive society. Buying necessities like food, clothing, and many other things is nearly impossible without money. Due to their poverty, people of low socioeconomic status are seen as enemies. However, wealthy and influential people are viewed as decent and honest.
  • Everywhere, but especially in the workplace, money is what makes the world go around. Employers are aware that one of the most effective motivators is money. But is giving employees cash or bonuses always the best way to reward them? I’ll examine some justifications for financial compensation in this essay.
  • When people had less money in the past, they were eager to work and earn a high salary. The majority of people today, however, are well-paid and at ease in their jobs. This makes it challenging to motivate them simply by giving them money. In this essay, we’ll discuss various methods for inspiring workers and argue against the notion that rewards are always the best motivators.
  • Cash incentives are frequently criticized as an unethical form of employee motivation. Others adore giving money as a straightforward, practical, and realistic reward for a well-done job. Money is not always the best form of appreciation for extra work. In some situations, it may even be inappropriate. Many businesses reward exceptional employees for their hard work with bonuses. This is disrespectful, trivializing, and detrimental to morale.


They say the only thing money can’t buy time, but even that isn’t true. Spending more money can help you save time as well! 

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