Looking For Some Free Song Lyrics?

Songwriting is not an easy thing to do. Unless you have a natural talent for writing songs, your first attempts will confuse everybody. But it will improve as you create new lyrics for your songs.

If you don’t know where to start with creating lyrics, you can use technology to give you a helping hand! Keep reading until the end to find out how you can find free song lyrics to use in your song!

Why Use a Lyrics Generator?

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Technology has come far. Nowadays, artificial intelligence can come up with lyrics with your parameters. It sounds crazy, but the future is here! AI can come up with very convincing lyrics for you to use in your song.

Now, you might think that using an AI to generate lyrics is not the right thing. And, you might be right. After all, music is a personal thing, and you must add your love to your lyrics.

However, if you are having trouble coming up with original lyrics, you can find some on the Internet. You can use these lyrics on the Internet as a jumping-off point to create your own. 

Of course, creating songs or even albums with lyrics, you found on the Internet can be problematic. While creating songs with these free lyrics is not illegal, gaining profit from these can be.

So we urge you to utilize these tools as an inspiration to come up with your own. This may not be a problem if you’re not thinking of commercializing songs.

However, if you are thinking of making money from your songs and music, make sure your lyrics are “inspired,” not copied.

Free Song Lyrics Websites Worth Exploring


This website has unused lyrics written by other songwriters. There are many lines that you can utilize for all types of genres of songs.


There are lyrics for 20 tunes on this website, and they are free to utilize. However, you should contact the owner of this website if you are thinking of commercializing the music with these words.


On this website, you can create lyrics with artificial intelligence. You can either create with genres or create lyrics line by line.

In Conclusion

Song lyrics generators offer a great resource for those looking for a specific lyric for a specific song. Utilizing them isn’t only easy, but it can also enhance your creativity.

So if you’re hankering for a song lyric, music lyric, or even a free line from an old verse, check out one of these websites for more than your needs.

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Looking For Some Free Song Lyrics?

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