How To Make a Rap Song: Start Rapping in 5 Easy Steps

Ever thought of how to make a rap song? Well, the best way is to read our comprehensive guide, which will help you with every step.

Rap songs may appear straightforward, but they need much time and effort to compose. You need lyrics that are both catchy and authentic. Additionally, you need perfect rhyme and rhythm.

Writing rap is, in some ways, comparable to writing poetry. If you have difficulty writing a rap song, this article is for you. Read on!

two laptop computers and DJ turntables
two laptop computers and DJ turntables

How To Make A Rap Song In 5 Easy Steps

1. Create a list of ideas

Permit yourself to free-associate or even freestyle aloud while listening to a beat on repeat to stimulate your creativity. Perform this for a while without writing anything down. 

Create a list of every notion, unique perspective, and potential lyric that comes to mind when you’re ready. Utilize these as a reference and inspiration for the content of your song moving ahead.

2. Compose the hook

You would begin a term paper with a thesis statement. But since this is a rap song, start with a hook (a.k.a. chorus). Not only should the hook capture the idea of the song, but it should also be catchy and original. 

Don’t settle for a hook that lacks inspiration for other song components, such as the beat or lyrics. Don’t settle for anything that lacks inspiration.

3. Follow the list

Choose points from your list of ideas that inspire you and expand upon them. This is where your abilities as a songwriter and rhymer will shine. 

If you are a seasoned rapper, you should play to your abilities. If metaphors are your game, let the power of your metaphors propel you forward. Are you are a natural storyteller? Let the words form a tale.

4. Maintain boundaries

Teenagers from the suburbs should avoid rapping about their global cocaine trafficking enterprise. 

Although some people may have the attitude of “I can rap about anything I want,” you don’t want to do that. 

Remember that popular rappers writing about particular topics does not make your raps more or less rap. 

The Beastie Boys talked about partying and skateboarding in a competent, original, and creative manner. Though they did not conform to conventional subjects or to the image of a rapper, people still loved them.

5. Take the time to revise

Your first draft of a song will not necessarily be the greatest unless you are a world-class rapper who creates magic every time. That’s okay! 

The initial manuscript of “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan was 20 pages lengthy and horrible. As you write, allow everything that wants to come out. However, there is always a need to pare it down to a set of efficient and effective lyrics.

To Wrap Up

Writing rap songs isn’t as hard as it seems. This guide has laid out the steps you need to take to successfully begin creating a rap song off the top of your head.

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