The Trick For Writing Catchy Titles

A fantastic marketing strategy for any business is content creation. A piece of content’s title is its most crucial component for drawing readers in. You might think about learning how to create catchy titles if you want to increase engagement with your content.

This free guide explains what a catchy title is, why it helps content, how to write one, and offers a few additional suggestions. By the end of this guide, we hope you will know how to write a catchy title yourself!

What Is a Catchy Title?

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The headline of an article with content that contains elements to entice readers to read it has a catchy title.

By describing what the article is about or the benefits it will bring to readers, the title can attract them to it. You can use headlines to attract readers to your content, which will stimulate your readers and influence your articles.

Readers are more likely to keep reading it if the title grabs their attention.

A compelling title can mean the difference between an article receiving a lot of traffic and being ignored by readers. A catchy headline has a number of advantages.

The likelihood that a reader will click on your article can be expanded by having an intriguing title that grabs their attention. Based on the words in your title, they may decide to open your article rather than those with a similar message and content.

A memorable article title increases the likelihood that the reader will remember it and look it up later or share it with others.

Copywriters and content producers use search engine optimization as a strategy to raise the visibility of their content on search engine results pages. As an illustration, the first ten search engine results for the term “lemon tree” will show an article with effective SEO.

The search term should be included as one SEO tip. It also helps to have a related title with a typical search phrase or word like “what is,” “how to,” or “best.” Making a concise title can improve your ranking and give you access to more readers. Now that we know the importance of writing memorable headlines, we are going to look at the question: how to write a catchy title?

How to Write a Catchy Title?

Titles are one of the most important parts of a blog post. They can make or break the reader’s attention. So it is important to think about them before you start writing your article.

A good title will reel your clients in, and a great title will have them read the entire post! People are bombarded with content these days, and they don’t have time to read everything they come across. That’s why people try to scan text when they need to find something out on the Internet.

Since people are scanning their way through questions, you have to write down crucial keywords that will catch your audience instantly. Instead of long titles or headlines, we have to focus on simple but specific words that the audience will react to. Let’s take a look at an example to show what we mean. 

Let’s say that we are looking to buy a motorcycle for ourselves. We type on Google “best sports bikes 2022,” and results show up. Which of these titles would you click on:

  • Why You Have To Buy XYZ This Year?
  • Best Sports Bikes To Buy On 2022

Probably the first option. Because the writing and the words the writer used to intrigue the reader. Good and catchy titles leave things ambiguous so that the audience clicks the headline to read more. Because they want to find out what the article can offer them.

Now, the second article can have better content. It can be more informative, and readers can use it to learn many things. However, if people don’t read it in the first place, what’s the point?

Use Your Competition as an Example

Before you settle on your title, do a quick Google search for your keywords. Look at the titles that pop up on the first page. Obviously, titles and headlines aren’t the only things that affect SEO. However, if these posts made it to the first 10, they probably have great eye-catching titles that people want to click on. 

Use your competitors to give you an idea. At the end of the day, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. If they are on the first page, they must be doing something right. And what works for them will work for you as well. Again, we aren’t suggesting you copy and paste what others are doing. But since you and the competition have the same target audience, you can emulate their ideas and add your own touch.

Avoid Clickbait

We consider titles that are misleading and have nothing to do with the content to be clickbait. Clickbait titles, in the short run, can seem like the answer.

They will result in high click-through rates. And they are an easy step to bring more people to your site. However, although it may help in the short run, we never advise you to use clickbait titles.

Catchy headlines are not the same as clickbait. The difference between them is that catchy headlines deliver on their promise with good content, whereas clickbait headlines don’t.

Avoid Giving Away Too Much On The Headline

Let’s say, for example, that you are looking for the fuel economy of the new Ford Maverick Hybrid. This is a simple thing to look for. If you give away the answer on the headline, the audience won’t click on the headline to read your content. Instead, try writing something like the example below:

  • You Won’t Believe The Mileage We Got On Our Hybrid Maverick!

This headline doesn’t give away the whole story while being 60 characters — well below the limit of 70 characters. We advise you to write your headline in less than 70 (but more than 35) characters. Why? Because your entire headline won’t be visible to mobile users if you do, that’s why!

Write Your Content As a List — And Use Numbers!

No matter what social medium or platform you are writing your content for, the audience likes looking at lists. Lists make things more scannable and make consuming information easier. It helps people process the flow of information they are reading. It also saves a lot of time because people don’t want to read the entire post just to look at something they actually want.

Again, an example will help us understand more clearly. Take a look at these two headlines below:

  • How To Write An Essay?
  • 10 Tips for Writing a Great Essay!

Be honest — you want to see what those ten tips are, right? Again, we are feeding the curiosity of our audience. Now they feel the need to see what those ten tips are. The first post can be a better guide, but we reeled the audience with the promise of quenching their thirst for curiosity!


We hope our guide on creating eye-catching headlines gave you lots of ideas you can use. Again, the best way to learn is by spending time and looking at those who are good at this. Use their work as an example to create memorable headlines.

If you liked our post describing how to write a catchy title, consider sharing it with your friends and help them write as well! 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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