A Clear Guide to Cover Letter Keywords

Adding appropriate cover letter keywords can give your application a…

Adding appropriate cover letter keywords can give your application a polished, more professional feel. Employers often look for some common keywords and phrases in cover letters to evaluate a candidate.

Moreover, the right keywords are important to emphasize your qualifications or pass any applicant tracking systems employers may use. This article provides a list of the top keywords for cover letters to get your application noticed by the employer.

What Are Cover Letter Keywords?

A cover letter is the page of the resume that is sent with an email application. It allows the company to make an informed decision on whether or not to interview you. Keywords in cover letters relate to specific skills, qualifications, and traits employers search for when screening applications and cover letters.

The keywords strategically relate directly to the job you’re applying for and showcase your experience and capabilities. If your cover letter does not have these keywords, it may be deemed a poorly constructed letter. It can also lead to the company’s decision being unfavorable.

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List of Best Keywords for Cover Letter

You can incorporate a variety of keywords into your cover letter. They can range from action words that demonstrate your prior job performance to recognition or skill-based words that align with the job description.

The right keywords in your cover letter can help you stand out from other candidates. Following are different types of cover letter keywords to assist you in customizing your letter to what the employer is searching for:

Skills-Based Keywords for Cover Letters

Skill-based keywords are specific phrases employers will search for to determine if your skills and expertise match the position requirements.

You can also emphasize particular hard skills in your specific domain that align with the job description. Following are some effective skills-based keywords to include in your cover letter:

  • Planned
  • Measured
  • Solved
  • Designed
  • Networked
  • Taught
  • Delegated
  • Trained
  • Mediated
  • Researched
  • Analyzed
  • Built
  • Directed
  • Wrote
  • Typed
  • Developed
  • Created

Action Verbs and Keywords for Cover Letters

Employers want to see how you have performed at work and the results of your past work performance. Action words are great to help emphasize this experience.

The most frequent terms and phrases that hiring managers might look for in your cover letter are definitely action words. Consider including the following action verbs and keywords in your cover letter when referring to your prior work experience:

  • Spoke
  • Analyzed
  • Collaborated
  • Monitored
  • Communicated
  • Tracked
  • Presented
  • Developed
  • Instructed
  • Applied
  • Developed
  • Mentored
  • Motivated
  • Succeeded
  • Implemented
  • Led
  • Initiated
  • Managed
  • Integrated
  • Guided

Recognition Keywords and Phrases for Cover Letters

Recognition keywords highlight awards, honors, and other accomplishments received in your past job. It highlights your capabilities and recognizes you for a job well done.

The following list of recognition-related keywords can help you improve your cover letter:

  • Honored for
  • Accomplished
  • Credited with
  • Awarded with
  • Distinguished
  • Lauded for
  • Selected from
  • Promoted
  • Chosen for
  • Recognized for
  • Appointed to
  • Designated

Results-Oriented Keywords for Cover Letters

Results-oriented keywords highlight how you contributed to your previous jobs for a particular accomplishment. For instance, you may emphasize how you assisted your prior employer in achieving goals and moving toward growth and development.

Here are effective result-oriented terms you can use to enhance your cover letter:

  • Recorded
  • Persuaded
  • Contributed
  • Produced
  • Improved
  • Saved
  • Secured
  • Resolved
  • Established
  • Achieved
  • Gained
  • Updated
  • Leveraged
  • Innovated
  • Upgraded
  • Reached
  • Redesigned
  • Increased
  • Organized


This article provides a list of the most common cover letter keywords. You can use these keywords as a starting point to write a cover letter that grabs a hiring manager’s attention.

Please note that these are not the only work-appropriate keywords. But they make up many of the most-used keywords in cover letter writing.

Frequently asked questions

Should you highlight keywords in cover letter?

Resumes and cover letters with skill keywords will help your application get selected by employers to select candidates for further consideration. The hiring manager can also be shown at a glance what skills you have related to the job for which he or she is hiring.

What are employers looking for in a cover letter?

Cover letter should be concise and show how your accomplishments relate to the position. Make clear who you are and what you do for the employer. Show genuine enthusiasm for the role.

Should I use the word I in a cover letter?

This is your cover letter not your autobiography. You should focus on meeting an employer’s needs, not on your personal life story. Ensure that you do not use the word “I,” especially at the beginning of your sentences, because it might make you feel self-centered.

What should a cover letter include example?

  • Please list your contact information.
  • Name the hiring manager.
  • Create a captivating opening paragraph.
  • Can you explain why you’re qualified for the job?
  • Your experience should be based on the company’s needs.
  • Finish by writing a concise closing paragraph and signing off.

What are the 5 pieces of a cover letter?

  • (The Final Paragraph)
  • Salutation (Hello) Choose a name.
  • The Hook (The Second Paragraph).
  • The Third Paragraph (Paragraph Of Knowledge).
  • Opening (The Grab) -.

What are 3 reasons why cover letters are important?

  • They offer a more relevant explanation than resumes can provide. Your resume can only do so much in terms of explaining reasons why you held two jobs at once, such as a gap in employment, a promotion, or your previous job.
  • You’re a serious candidate.
  • You can demonstrate how to communicate.

What should not be included in a cover letter?

  • Contact Person Name or Company Name Missing.
  • Isn’t True
  • Negative Comments About Current or Past Employers.
  • Salary Expectations
  • Information not related to the job.
  • Grammar errors or spelling errors.
  • Too Long Paragraphs

What key points should be in a cover letter?

  • Use the employer’s key words.
  • The industry jargon used depends on your career.
  • Positivity is part of all statements.
  • Make originality, but not cuteness.
  • Use words and phrases that are action verbs.
  • Customize every cover letter for a specific position.
  • Not desperate but determined and confident.

What are the 9 parts of a cover letter?

  • What makes you a good fit.
  • Information about the hiring manager.
  • I had a winning cover letter.
  • Please provide your name and contact information.
  • Your cover letter reflects your achievements.
  • A formal cover letter greeting (referred to as a salutation).
  • Your research proves you have done your homework.

What are the 3 main parts of a cover letter?

Cover letters should include three paragraphs – introduction, sales pitch, and conclusion. Drop us your contact information if you’ve been personally referred.

What are the 4 key elements of a cover letter?

  • You have a thorough knowledge of the company.
  • First paragraph: Why you are writing this. This is your chance to grab the reader by the collar and grab their attention.
  • The second paragraph: What you must offer you employer.
  • The fourth paragraph

How do you write a perfect cover letter?

  • Send the letter to a specific individual.
  • Please state clearly the purpose of your letter.
  • I recommend you don’t rehash your resume again.
  • Don’t overuse the pronoun “I”. Use action words.
  • Please reiterate your enthusiasm and thank the reader.
  • Format your work in a consistent way.

Should I bold keywords in my cover letter?

Choose key words (maximum 3) in bold, indented headings for your main paragraphs. Provide a description of your skills and abilities that match the employer’s key needs.

What words should not be used in a cover letter?

  • “I think … ”
  • The person referred to as:.
  • “I would be a good fit.”.
  • “Best”
  • “I’m confident that I’m the perfect candidate to work for me.”.
  • “I would like to know if you have a salary range for this job.. ” or “I want a career salary of..
  • This job is necessary for..
  • “Good”

How do you list keywords in a cover letter?

  • You should carefully read the job description. Read and reread the job description to ensure you are fully aware of what an employer is looking for.
  • The ability to tailor your skills, experience and qualifications.
  • Include a mix of keyword types.
A Clear Guide to Cover Letter Keywords

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