Most Popular Keywords for Travel and How to Find Them

Your ideal customer always uses keywords for travel in the…

Your ideal customer always uses keywords for travel in the search engine when planning their next vacation. It’s impossible to know how to optimize your content without knowing what these keywords are.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in attracting free, organic visitors to your website. Increasing your content’s online discoverability is possible through the strategic use of keywords.

The travel market is highly competitive, but you can position your website to succeed with some groundwork in search engine optimization and keyword study.

We’ll show you the ropes of finding the right keywords instantly. In addition, we’ve provided a list of broad keyword suggestions to get you going.

man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane
man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane

Factors to Consider When Choosing Keywords for Travel

There are three considerations to make when selecting travel-related keywords for use in online copy:

1. Search Volume

Search Volume is the total number of times a keyword is entered into a search engine in a given month. The greater the volume of monthly searches for a particular keyword, the greater the potential for generating website visitors.

2. Keyword Difficulty

Ranking for terms with high search traffic and commercial intent is notoriously challenging. It will be even more difficult to achieve first-page rankings for a competitive keyword if many authoritative websites are already competing.

3. Targeted Traffic

Do the search results provide the information users seek when they type in relevant keywords? If you deliver what they’re looking for, you’ll get not just any old traffic but targeted traffic using the keywords.

Travel Keyword Research Tools

You can use fantastic SEO tools to research current and appropriate keyword phrases for your travel agency’s website.

With Wordstream, you can see how your rivals are faring in search engine results for specific phrases. It also allows you to gather inspiration for use in the travel business and refine your search to show only relevant results to your region. is yet another no-cost alternative. Based on the search term you input, this will create hundreds of long-tail keywords, queries, and related prepositions. Because of their narrower focus and more straightforward nature, long-tails can be pretty helpful.

In addition, Ubersuggest offers free daily insights. You can enter a website or keyword and get suggestions for related keywords and content from the tool.

Ahrefs is superior to other paid keyword tools because of the depth of information it provides. Analyze your keywords, backlinks, competitors, content gaps, and more in greater detail.

How to Rank for Travel Keywords

Choosing a keyword is the first step in improving your search engine rankings.

We did some digging utilizing the methods mentioned above to offer broad insights into what vacationers are currently entering into search engines.

Writing content with keywords in mind can help your site rise in the search engine results pages (SERPS). Integrate them into your landing pages, blogs, tour descriptions, website text, product descriptions, social copy, advertisements, and more naturally and effectively.

Keep in mind that keywords are constantly changing to reflect the state of the market. For instance, the COVID-19 epidemic likely resulted in a historic surge in interest in topics like travel insurance and travel limitations.

High-Volume Keywords for Travel

Here is a list of high-volume keywords related to travel in general. These keywords often increase your visibility because they are highly ranked and have lower monthly search volume. Here we go!

  • Travel agents near me
  • Travel safe
  • Tour operator
  • Travel bag
  • Travelocity
  • Travel zoo
  • Online travel agency
  • Travel Advisory
  • Travel accessories

Country Based Travel Keywords

The next most straightforward form of country-based keyword strategy is by focusing your keyword on the individual country’s capital city. Doing this allows visitors to instantly find the information they are interested in without having to search a long list of related keywords.

Here’s our list of country-based travel keywords.

  • Travel to Canada
  • Hawaii travel restrictions
  • Hawaii travel
  • Travel state gov
  • New York travel restrictions
  • Multi-country European vacation packages
  • Italian tour packages
  • Alaska tour packages
  • Grand Canyon tour packages

General Keywords for Travel

Here are some general keywords in this list that travelers might use to find you online. You can use these available words to incorporate multiple keywords and put your page or post in a better, more specific niche.

  • Travel agents
  • Travel companies
  • Online travel agency
  • Tour operator
  • Best tour companies
  • Tour operators near me
  • Luxury travel company
  • Disney travel agents
  • Travel Consultant

Popular Keywords for Tours and Travel

On the internet, travelers are searching for these popular varieties of tours and trips. These travel keywords are among the most popular and highly searched online.

  • Trip packages
  • Travel company tours
  • Escorted tour
  • Honeymoon trip
  • Overseas adventure travel
  • Adventure travel
  • World tour package
  • International tour packages
  • Family tour

To Wrap Up

Travel keywords are prevalent, and you should consider your marketing strategy. You can use these considerations to help build your strategy.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write manuscript keywords?

Keywords should contain words and phrases that suggest what the subject is about. Include words and phrases that are closely related to your topic. (For example, if your paper is about heart disease, use words like stroke, circulatory system, blood, etc.

What are keywords for travel?

  • travel agency 301000
  • hotels 24900000
  • travelocity 3350000
  • trip 450000
  • vacation 450000
  • flights 4090000
  • plane tickets 368000
  • airline tickets 550000

What are keywords examples?

Keywords are words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. If you were looking for a new jacket, you might type something like “men’s leather jacket” into Google. Despite the fact that it consists of more than one word, it’s still a keyword.

How do I find my most popular keywords?

Learn how Google Trends helps you find the most popular keywords. Go to to find the most popular searches around the world. The Google Trends platform also provides you with trending searches for every day, week, month, and year across thousands of keywords and topics.

How do I know what keywords to look for?

  • Have a customer think like this. Create your initial list of keywords by identifying your target audience and putting yourself in the shoes of a customer.
  • Study the competition
  • Understand how long tail keywords are used.
  • Keyword research tools
  • Analyze the results

How do I find most searched items on Google?

Searches for trending topics are displayed on Google Trends’ homepage. Trending searches are the hot topics right now. Daily trending searches, real-time search trends, and search by country are available.

What are searchable keywords?

Keywords are used by people to locate what (or who) they want through search engines, social networks, applicant tracking systems, or other databases.

How do you create a keyword strategy?

  • Make sure your business’s audience is well-informed.
  • Use a tool for research and monitoring.
  • Keep track and analyze many keywords with these keywords.
  • Find your target
  • Create topic clusters from your keywords.
  • Content writer, publisher, and refiner.
  • Analyze and iterate

What is my most searched thing?

  • Under “Historical settings,” please select My Activity.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Click Data & Privacy on the left menu.
  • View your activity: view it organized by day and time. Use the search bar and filters at the top to find specific activities.

What is meant by tourism?

In tourism, individuals travel to and stay outside their usual environment for a period not exceeding six months (12 months) before travel.

How do I find the best YouTube tags?

What are good keywords?

  • Using terms that are likely to generate results – such as sales or engagement – isn’t just curious browsing.
  • No point optimizing for terms that no one is searching for.
  • Relevance: Your target keywords should match your business.

Which keywords are most popular?

RankingKeywordGlobal volume
3whatsapp web607900000

Which keyword is searched more?

Most Searched Words on Google
RankKeywordSearch Volume
Most Popular Keywords for Travel and How to Find Them

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