8 Creative Product Advertising Examples to Inspire You

We’ve all seen some amazing product advertising campaigns over the years. And we all want to know: how do you come up with something that stands out in a sea of similar messaging? It can be helpful to look at some product advertising examples to find out.

A good advertisement campaign will set a tone for your brand that resonates with your consumers and communicates a clear value proposition. You can use these advertising examples as inspiration for your next campaign.

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What is Product Advertising?

Product advertising is any type of communication that aims to promote a product to induce customers to purchase the merchandise. Its main goal is to boost brand awareness or demonstrate the differences between products and competitors.

You can use a variety of channels for advertising, including:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print (newspapers and magazines)
  • Mail (flyers, circulars, coupons)
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Signs and billboards

Types of Advertising

There are four main types of advertising. You may need to use a combination of different types to suit your brand and convey your brand message effectively.

Display Advertising

Display advertising, also known as “banner” advertising, is a type of advertising that is composed of small digital billboards or banners. You can position these around blog posts, keyword search pages, websites, and so on.

Video Advertising

Video ads are a popular advertising option in today’s digital marketing environment. They are a great way to tell a complex story in a fun and eye-catching way that a display ad can’t do.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is becoming the norm as more people consume online content through mobile devices than ever before. This type of advertising is optimized to serve mobile consumption. Mobile advertisements can include video, app, display, search, or social ads.

Native Advertising

This type of advertising is like a simple ad integrated into content. These ads are usually sponsored content and non-disruptive. They can show the style and flow of the content they appear in without being pushy. These can be in the form of blog posts, videos, photos, and so on.

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8 Creative Product Advertising Examples

1. Nike – Just Do It

Nike’s Just Do It campaigns first launched in the 1980s. And within ten years, it has increased sales by more than $8 billion. This speaks multitudes to its effectiveness. The ads were simple, but they did a great job striking an emotional chord with their viewers.

Nike wanted to convey a simple message: If you don’t want to exercise, Just Do It. If you don’t want to go to work- Just Do It.

Solving customer problems is one of the things a brand should aim to do. Nike did just that. Its ads give people a boost of motivation and inspiration. And today, Nike has become one of the best sports item manufacturers in the market.

2. Google – Year in Search Campaign

Google launched its Search campaign in 2017, which showed the most searched keywords of the year. The campaign was a hit because it piqued many people’s interest. It demonstrated creativity and the powerful element of intrigue.

3. Heinz Ketchup – No one develops Ketchup like Heinz Campaign

The No one develops Ketchup like Heinz Campaign is one of the most inventive examples of promoting their tomato-loaded ketchup. They associated their Heinz ketchup bottom with the different pieces of tomato.

Using this style, they seamlessly let customers know that they use pure tomato that is natural and ripe. Essentially, it represents a smart and convincing case of innovative advertising. They were able to generate an urge to buy in users while showcasing their creative side.

4. Adidas – Behind the Scenes Advertisement

The shoe manufacturing industry is crowded, and to stand out, you need to come up with creative advertisements. And that’s what Adidas knows best. Adidas once showcased how robots work in their manufacturing process. This proved very entertaining and interesting as it revealed some behind-the-scenes details of the manufacturing processes.

5. McDonald’s – Night-time Service

Sometimes, the simpler the ad, the better. McDonald’s proves this by simply promoting their opening hours at night using cleverly positioned lamps illuminating the billboard. These created the famous ‘golden arches’ brand symbol. Also, the words in the ad, “Open At Night,” make sense when the lamps are turned on at night. They strike the message head-on. This is an excellent and clever example of creative advertising.

6. Apple – Get a Mac Campaign

Apple ads have always been a standout in their appeal and conversions. Their Get Mac Campaign, in particular, is very powerful.

The video ads involved a series of engaging and compelling campaigns discussing the Mac versus PC debate. It effectively highlighted the value of the product interestingly. They became one of the best ad campaigns for Apple. It even increased Apple’s shares by 42% in its first year. 

One of the things you can learn from this campaign is that you don’t need to emphasize features repeatedly. Instead, it would be best to tell your customers the advantages of your product in a relatable way.

7. Airbnb – Live There Campaign

Airbnb’s ads are brilliant because they pull your heartstrings through visual ads that spread happy feelings. This advertising campaign is actually a major component of a more effective advertising strategy.

It allows clients to not only envision their visit to fantasy destinations but how great it would be to live there as well. Using the booking site components, they made a Polaroid-like frame that nicely translated the Airbnb brand value proposition.

8. Volkswagen – Think Small Campaign

Volkswagen launched the Think Small campaign in 1960, and it was a total success. At the time, most people preferred buying bigger cars. But Volkswagen launched this campaign to communicate the advantages of smaller cars. The car lovers in America were completely changed by this revelation.

Volkswagen quickly became one of the best manufacturers of small cars in the world. Additionally, this advertisement campaign established the car brand as a big player in the industry.

Final Words

Product advertising is not just about how creative the advertisement is. It’s also important to understand your audience and ensure they are engaged. By looking at these successful product advertising examplesyou can learn valuable lessons for future product advertisements.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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