Freshest Instagram Bios for Nature Lovers

Being a lover of nature makes you want to observe the beauty of nature all the time. The various hues of green that develop, the way the sky changes throughout the day, the beauty in everything, and the gentle gusts of wind.

Also, the cooling freshness in the air, the grasses swaying in the breeze, and the sound of the ocean waves. Are you looking for compelling bios to convey your love of nature and enhance your online presence?

Then you should use one of these Instagram bios for nature lovers. If you are a nature lover that can’t stop admiring the beauty of Mother Earth and sharing it on Instagram, keep reading!

Why Instagram Bios Are Important for Nature Lovers?

man standing on rock in front of a waterfall during daytime
Photo by Federico Di Dio photography on Unsplash

The greatest gift from God is nature. Regardless of how small or large the action, such as taking a stroll or making travel plans, these activities are typically planned around nature. Think about it. “Ah, what a lovely day for the park,” or “We have got to visit the summer retreat on those hills!”

Additionally, you must have noticed how people cannot resist posting pictures of the various stunning aspects of nature on their social media accounts. Take a look at these captions and use them for your posts the next time you’re outdoors.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for showcasing the breathtaking beauty of nature. Instagram makes everything simple, from the filters and hashtags to the interface and general usability.

Furthermore, the natural world is not present all around you. Get out there, take pictures, and edit the unwanted parts.

Don’t forget to add hashtags after uploading them to your Instagram account and further edit them.

At first, though, you must write a personal bio about yourself and your intimate relationship with nature. So today, we decided to gather the best Instagram bios for nature lovers to show the world how much they love Mother Nature!

If you use these phrases as captions, you can also use them as Instagram bios! At the end of the day, the sky is the limit. Whether you use these as captions or bios, don’t change the fact that these are the best phrases for nature!

Greatest Instagram Bios for Nature Lovers!

  • Home is where nature is.
  • At the heart of life, we will always find nature.
  • I’m sorry, but the mountains are calling me.
  • No matter how much we modernize, nature will always be the most beautiful thing for us. Not modern art.
  • Living free means living close to nature and its beauty.
  • Love is going into the beautiful wilderness free from any worries of modernity.
  • Beautiful nature is all the love I need in my heart.
  • For those who are looking, nature is a place that will always amaze me.
  • If you feel like you can call no place home, seek nature. Go to the mountains, which will welcome any traveler.
  • The true beauty of nature recorded as life-like as possible. Because nature isn’t an Instagram girl that needs filters to look beautiful!
  • Love nature, for it will stay and love you back!
  • Any good time involves a lot of trees and mountains!
  • Go outside and feel the nature, don’t look at pictures of nature on Instagram!
  • Look deep into the eyes of nature and share God’s gift with everyone else!
  • Love nature for its own natural beauty, not to share it on Instagram for the likes.
  • I’m a mountain girl born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. I love being surrounded by nature and spending time outside.
  • We’re taking a little trip to the mountains and we’re not sure if we’re coming back down the same mountain. 
  • Walk slowly and smell the roses. Don’t forget the smell of grass after fresh rain either!
  • If your adventures don’t include nature, mountains or the sea, don’t invite me!
  • Nature never let’s you down.

More of the Best Instagram Bios and Captions for Nature

  • You don’t need Internet nor Instagram filters to enjoy the beautiful nature.
  • Take a closer look — yes, nature is THAT beautiful.
  • Every good morning includes trees, birds chirping, and a talkative rooster!
  • Time will move on, our beauty will fade. However, that of nature and Earth will remain to amaze us!
  • Stay with people who love nature.
  • Walk the Earth, this place we call home. Enjoy all of its natural beauties, instead of embracing the modernity of our fake world.
  • This Earth place seems like an incredible place to visit, you should come down some time!
  • Mother Earth and its beauty doesn’t need your comments, it needs your help to survive.
  • All the best adventures include — nature, love, and beautiful mountains. 
  • Live life — go to the mountains!
  • Feel life and walk the world, God’s greatest gift for all life on Earth!


If you love nature, you need one of these fresh and stylish Instagram bios! They shout out your eco-friendly values and let all your followers know that you’re passionate about preserving our planet.

Plus, they’re just really cool. So if you want to show off your love of nature, go ahead and choose one of these bios. And if you love nature as much as we do, consider sharing this post with a friend!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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