Subheadings in Writing: Meaning and Examples

Do you want to divide your text into multiple parts? You must consider reading this article with an example of subheadings.

Writing articles and other forms of content may seem as a challenging task to do. If you familiarize yourself with their fundamental parts, you will find it easy to write. You should encourage yourself to study about them.

Worry no more! This article will solve your problem with an example of subheadings. You will learn a few things about it.

What Is a Subheading?

Before reading through the examples below, you should learn about the definition of a subheading. In a subheading, text is usually placed under a headline, typically with a smaller font.

Subheadings are the essential, modular parts of an article. They usually divide their content into sections.

An introductory sentence precedes a subheading that puts their content in context.

Subheadings are divisions in headlines that break up your content into manageable chunks. It’s a good idea not to use single-word subheadings. Such subheaders can make it hard for your audience to pick up on your call to action.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use descriptive subheadings like ‘Part I’ and ‘Part II’.

It expands on what the headline says.

The miscellaneous title below the main headline is usually brief and secondary.

The Importance of Subheadings

Subheadings are important because you cannot express all you need to say in a single headline.

The headline should grab the reader’s attention. However, what will go next then?

Subheadings can persuade the reader to dive deeper into the article. In order for them to remain interested, you need to do more than focus on the headline.

You want the reader to look, click, scan, scroll, or do whatever they want with your text.

It will only take you 10-20 words to make a subheader.

Readers also enjoy reading the subheading. Take note of what Gary Korisko said.

“The frequently overlooked subhead is truly a stealthy and deadly ninja writing weapon that sits there quietly waiting to be tapped.”

Example of Subheadings

A subheading is a section or a title given to a particular subsection of a text. Academic papers, technical papers, and other similar documents use this type of header.

As established, it intends to divide the entire text into more manageable sections.

One of the best ways to draw an audience (or a reader) in is to take them on a journey with you using subheadings.

The importance of subheadings can not be overstated. You may have an article that has 1,000+ words of content. However, if the subheadings are poor, Google might rank it lower!

Also, your visitor will have to work harder and spend more time to find out what they need to know.

If you still do not know how to make subheadings, refer to the sample subheadings below.

  • Scary Films.
  • Bad Apples.
  • Some Apples.
  • Examples of articles that have subheadings.
  • Recycling and Waste Management Definition.
  • The Definition of Water Purifier.
  • The Definition of Tidal Union.
  • A Substitute Grammar Conundrum.
  • A Grammar Conundrum to Test Your Brevity.
  • Borrowed Words and Confusion.


After you finish writing, you should read over your work. Taking out time to do so will help you see if there are any edits you should make.

Remember, you should always proofread your text three times to ensure that you are happy with it. Ensure that your subheadings are connected with your topic.

Subheaders will make it easier for you to express your thoughts.

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