Try These Fun and Crazy YouTube Challenges

It’s both a strange and exciting time to be alive. Besides the new capabilities afforded to us by the internet, there’s a new layer of culture we get to experience. This also entails that there are new ways to generate traffic and extend your reach.

If you’re looking to become the next internet sensation, or want to ride a trend, here are some crazy YouTube challenges to consider.

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What is a YouTube Challenge?

A YouTube challenge refers to an attempt to do an action that people wouldn’t normally do. Many of these actions can be weird or hilarious, while others can be risky and challenging.

A YouTuber performs challenges and videos them. They then upload these videos on their channel as a way to provide their audience with entertaining content. Challenges can are performed by individuals, couples, or groups.

The primary purpose of a YouTube challenge is to generate traffic and boost your channel’s exposure and reach. Challenges often become part of a trend where people participate by completing a particular action. Vloggers perform challenges on camera to film the perfect content for their channel.

There are a slew of challenges you can use to boost your channel’s views and subscriber count. However, it’s important to exercise discretion in selecting them. There are many challenges that could harm participants, and some people may be particularly susceptible to the dangers posed by some challenges.

Safety Note: When is a Challenge Dangerous?

Again, not all challenges can boost your channel traffic. YouTube has a policy that prohibits certain content. YouTube prohibits any content that promotes or encourages dangerous or illegal activities. Most of these activities can result to serious physical injuries or death.

Specifically, YouTube prohibits:

  • Challenges that pose risk of physical injury.
  • Pranks that threaten victims with injury or cause serious emotional distress.
  • Instructions to harm others.
  • Drug abuse
  • Content that promotes eating disorders.
  • Challenges that promotes hacking.
  • Content that encourages fraudulent behavior.
  • Pranks that cause property damage.
  • Content that encourages bypassing payment for digital content or services.

Avoid posting any content similar to the ones mentioned in the policy as the YouTube algorithm may outright ban your video. Worse, it may even be grounds for YouTube to shut your channel down.

Do note that even when your challenges don’t violate YouTube policies, it’s important to consider the effect on your body. Many of them force participants into uncomfortable or painful scenarios.

Now’s the part you stop with the worrying and start with the hype. If you’re looking for a challenge to boost your channel and test your resilience and skill, check out this list of crazy YouTube challenges.

Crazy YouTube Challenges

  • Try to Keep Singing Challenge
  • Try to Keep Dancing Challenge
  • Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
  • Speed Drawing Challenge
  • Last to Leave the Circle Challenge
  • Tin Can Challenge
  • Try Not To Laugh Challenge
  • Hoverboard Fun Challenge
  • Try not to Get Scared
  • Squid Game Honeycomb Challenge
  • Asking Strangers to be Your Girlfriend Challenge
  • Try Not to Get Anxiety Challenge
  • Internet Slang Challenge
  • Try Not to Sing Challenge
  • Chapstick Challenge
  • $10 Dollar Challenge
  • Try Not to Get Made Challenge
  • Innuendo Bingo Challenge
  • Try Not to Say Wow Challenge
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend Picks My Outfit Challenge
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge
  • Yoga Challenge
  • Touch My Body Challenge
  • Not My Legs Challenge
  • Who Knows Me Better Challenge
  • Speech Jammer Challenge
  • Truth or Dare Challenge
  • Mute Challenge
  • The No-Look Challenge
  • World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge
  • Truth or Drink Challenge
  • No Internet Challenge
  • Let Strangers Buy Your Outfit Challenge
  • Bottle Cap Challenge
  • The Best Friend Challenge
  • Two Truths, One Lie Challenge
  • Truth or Drink
  • Who Wore it Better Challenge
  • Coin Toss Dare Challenge
  • Mouth to Mouth Challenge
  • Not My Arms Challenge
  • Extreme Couple vs. Couple Challenge
  • Remove Clothing Mystery Wheel Challenge
  • Water bomb Challenge
  • Pinhead Balloon Challenge
  • What’s That Smell Challenge
  • Tiny Hands Challenge
  • Accent Challenge
  • Cotton Ball Challenge
  • The Floor is Lava Challenge
  • Duct Tape Challenge
  • Math Dance Challenge
  • What’s in the Box Challenge
  • The Disney Challenge
  • No Thumbs Challenge
  • Guess the Object By Touching It Challenge
  • Lip Reading Challenge
  • Guess The Song Challenge
  • Going to the Best Rated Place Challenge
  • Going to the Worst Rated Place Challenge
  • 7 Seconds Challenge
  • Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge
  • Speed Dance Challenge
  • Don’t Look Away Challenge
  • Drive-Thru Costume Challenge
  • No Mirror Makeup Challenge
  • 100 Layers Challenge
  • Mannequin Challenge
  • Dunk Hat Challenge
  • Sing Anything Challenge

24-Hour Challenges

  • Ignore Your Partner for 24 Hours Challenge
  • Living in Your Car for 24 Hours Challenge
  • 24 Hours in a Tent Challenge
  • 24 Hour Whisper Challenge
  • Speaking in a Different Language for 24 Hours
  • Living in Your Bathtub for 24 Hours
  • Say Yes to Everything for 24 Hours
  • Say No to Everything for 24 Hours
  • 24-Hour Handcuff Challenge
  • Last to Leave the XYZ Challenge
  • Overnight Survival Challenge
  • Day in the Life of Challenge
  • No Music for 24 Hours Challenge
  • Listen to an Annoying Song for 24 Hours Challenge

Food-Related Challenges

  • Exploding Watermelon
  • Ghost Pepper Challenge
  • Pizza Challenge
  • Extremely Sour Candy Challenge
  • Marshmallow / Chubby Bunny Challenge
  • What’s in My Mouth Challenge
  • Don’t Wipe Your Mouth Challenge
  • Spoonful for Cinnamon Challenge
  • Superhero Food Art Challenge
  • Healthy Food vs. Junk Food Challenge
  • Mystery Drink Challenge
  • Letting XYZ Decide What I Eat Challenge
  • Massive Ice Cream Sundae Challenge
  • Whipped Cream Challenge
  • Pancake Art Challenge
  • Sour vs Sweet Challenge
  • Red Food vs. Yellow Food Challenge
  • Brain Freeze Challenge
  • Popsicle Challenge
  • Gummy Food vs. Real Food
  • Use Only One Color to Cook Challenge
  • Egg Roulette Challenge
  • Eat it or Wear it Challenge
  • Baby Food Challenge
  • Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge
  • The Spiciest Food Challenge
  • Smoothie Challenge
  • Guess the Ingredient Blindfolded Challenge
  • Oreo Challenge
  • Big Meal Challenge
  • Tea Bag Challenge
  • Tortilla Slap Challenge
  • Guess the Chips Challenge
  • Water Bottle Flip Challenge

The Most Popular YouTube Challenges

That was an extensive list of crazy YouTube challenges. If you’re unsure on which challenges starting with, you can always begin with the most popular challenges. You can even consider making a few changes to the challenges to up the ante. Here are some challenges you might want to try:

You Laugh, You Lose

PewDiePie popularized the YLYL challenge, and is one of the easiest challenges to do. Its concept is simple. Try not to laugh. Creators can invite other users and viewers to participate in the challenge.

There’s a lot of content you can challenge yourself with. You can use anything from funny videos, to jokes, to props. The goal is to keep yourself from laughing. The penalty doesn’t necessarily have to be something uncomfortable.

You can pick any condition. PewDiePie’s latest YLYL challenges involve giving Sive (his editor) a raise every time PewDiePie loses the challenge.

Ice Bath Challenge

The Ice Bath challenge was originally part of a campaign to spread awareness on the effects of ALS. It involves pouring ice-cold water over yourself while you sit in a tub.

The challenge replicates what it feels like to suffer from ALS. For a greater challenge, you can see how long you can endure staying in an ice-cold tub.

No Hands Eating Challenge

This challenge is pretty straightforward. Simply eat and drink without using your hands. It’s much harder than it sounds. The person who can finish a meal is declared the winner. This challenge is ideal for families and for people who live alone at home.

Marshmallow Challenge

The marshmallow challenge or “chubby bunny” challenge is another easy challenge. It involves stuffing your mouth with as many marshmallows as you can while stating a phrase. The participant who fails to clearly state the phrase loses the challenge.

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

The Ghost Pepper challenge involves eating a ghost pepper. It is one of the spiciest peppers in the world. It ranks high on the Scoville scale. The challenge requires participants to film themselves eating and swallowing the hot pepper.

Be warned though. People who ingest a ghost pepper tend to experience an extreme burning sensation in the mouth and throat. It can sometimes cause vomiting and reduced vision. Some people are allergic to the pepper and may require hospital aid after eating it. Do this challenge responsibly and carefully.

Make sure none of the participants are allergic to the pepper. Things could get messy during this challenge.

Bean Boozled Challenge

The bend boozled challenge involves eating a random jelly bean from a jar. It’s basically a gambling game where participants either end up eating a disgusting bean flavor or one that tastes fine. It’s a delightful social experience that encourages interaction and game play. People who participate in this game often end up forming deep friendships with the other person consuming the bean.

This challenge is best known for its hilarious reactions. Think of Russian Roulette, but safe.

The Bottom Line

Crazy YouTube challenges are an easy way to create viral content. There are a number of challenges you can do. YouTubers tend to go for difficult challenges because of the publicity and attention they generate. Remember that there’s nothing wrong in following these challenges.

However, it’s always a good idea to watch other people do it first before attempting it with friends and family. Make sure you don’t cause any harm, and try to choose the right challenges. Most of all, don’t forget to have a great time and let the kid in you have his turn.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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