How to Come Up With YouTube Video Ideas for Vlogmas

Millions of people worldwide subscribe to various YouTube channels. These subscriptions allow Internet sensations to rise to fame. Annually, famous content creators brainstorm YouTube video ideas for Vlogmas.

Since Vlogmas is nearly a 25-day event, you need a significant chunk of content ideas for your YouTube channel. Remember that these videos should contain interesting things that will amaze your target audience. However, you need to carefully think about the topics or activities you will use for these special edition YouTube content.

This article will teach you about YouTube video ideas for Vlogmas. You will learn about a few content ideas you can use for your videos. Make your YouTube Christmas special unforgettable with this guide!

What is Vlogmas?

Vlogmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s full of giving, receiving, sharing, and togetherness.

Vlogmas is a great time to show your loved ones what you’re doing on YouTube. Every day is a great time for a vlog!

Vlogging has never seemed relevant or lucrative. To celebrate Vlogmas, you need at least 25-days worth of content leading to Christmas.

This way, you need to ensure that you plan everything out well.

In fact, Vlogmas celebration is the best time to give back to family and friends. You might consider it your personal mission to share with them what they mean to you and how you appreciate them.

It’s also a great time to give back to yourself as well.

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4 Ideas for Vlogmas Videos

Are you curious about some interesting Vlogmas ideas? Wonder no more!

This section will introduce to you four Ideas for Vlogmas. With just nearly three months and six days left before Christmas, you need to take note of these content ideas!

What are you waiting for? Read on!

1. Do-It-Yourself and Crafts

If your project involves using paper or any other craft materials that you want to use, you can do some Do-It-Yourself Christmas decorations. Then, you can gather up the materials and show them to your friends and family members as a fun and interesting Christmas gift.

If you are in the US, you could use items that you got from the Dollar Tree. There are many kids who love to learn how to make Christmas decos themselves.

You can also film a video on DIY gift wrapping.

2. Christmas Home Decoration

This video would make a good beginning to the holiday season! Make this delightful DIY arrangement in a jar of your own and show it off on your Christmas table.

You can teach your viewers about the best and most affordable way to decorate their home for Christmas. Teach them how to enjoy Christmas from your couch or from your windowsill.

Showing your subscribers how to make beautiful Christmas decoration will surely increase your subscribers and interactors.

3. Christmas Shopping

Next on the list is Christmas shopping. Aside from passing the vibe check, families who are looking for good ideas on how to spend their holiday together will find this interesting.

Viewers prefer creators that create great content in their channel. This one is both timely and relatable for the holiday season.

Share how you make your shopping list and which Christmas tree you want to buy this year. Also, tell your viewers how your house will look like for the Yuletide.

4. World Travel Vlog

For travel geek viewers, they would love to see this kind of holiday video. Aside from showing what your house will look like and which Christmas tree you bought, how about invest on travelling abroad?

You can use this opportunity to better portray how you will celebrate the holiday season. People would love to see your kind of holiday as you share about your unforgettable travel vlog experience.

You can upload the videos with other YouTubers as well. Collaborate with them if you want to!


Keeping up with the Vlogmas trend may seem intimidating. Christmas is coming soon, that is why you need to prepare your content. Luckily, you have this article to serve as your guide.

Showcase your artistic capabilities with Do-It-Yourself and Crafts videos. Entertain your viewers by showing them your Christmas home decos.

Excite your subscribers by bringing them with you in your Christmas shopping adventures. Lastly, inspire your fans by sharing with them your Christmas travel stories.

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