Making A Personal Introduction Video? Read This!

Your resume must be unmatched if you want to stand out from the competition in a competitive market. Most markets don’t require video introductions.

However, more and more employment seekers are choosing to include video introductions of themselves on their resumes. The compelling quality of the video ensures that you will make an impression on your potential employer.

Not only that, but it will increase your chances of at least getting a call back, if not the job. However, like every other part of your resume, your self-introduction video must present the best version of “you.” This implies that the content must be current, and the production quality must be top-notch.

You can’t expect a potential employer to watch it all through if the quality isn’t up to par. Today, we’ll be show you some of the best personal introduction video ideas that will complement your resume! If you enjoy reading our guide to, make sure you check out related articles on this topic!

Personal Introduction Video Ideas!

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Remember that the speech you deliver on camera will serve as your business card, so you might want to prepare it beforehand adequately. Because of this, it is not a good idea to wing it; you need to be ready.

Instead of rushing to finish the speech, decide what you’ll say as much as you need to. It is essential to keep in mind that you want to highlight your best qualities. As such, it is not a good idea to forget any of them. 

Include your education and professional experience in the video since you are making it to promote your employment search.

Include why you believe you would be a good fit for their business or organization. This is another smart move. Use words to explain to your potential employer why you believe you are the best candidate for the job.

Speaking in your video should be done with assurance. When you speak clearly, you sound and appear prepared, which is something that can be very helpful to your prospects.

When filming the video, make sure you sound as natural as possible. Avoid trying to speak the language with a different accent because you will fumble through the words. Looking at the camera is easier if you always face the camera and pretend that you are speaking to a single person face-to-face.

The length of your speech is one of the additional most crucial considerations. Videos that are under three minutes in length are the most effective for self-introduction. If you take too much time, you might lose the interest of your potential employer. So, as you prepare the speech for the video, go through a few practice runs to ensure it stays within the allotted 2-3 minutes.

More Personal Introduction Video Ideas You Can Use!

Similar to how you must include some elements of a video resume, others have no place.

Avoiding disparaging your former employer on video is crucial. Do not include sensitive information about your life. Doing so will only reflect poorly on you and decrease your chances of landing the employment on the video. Your employer is probably uninterested in any other sensitive information besides your name, age, and country of origin. This includes information like your marital status.

You should always use a written resume in addition to a video resume. Some employers still prefer a written resume, and having both will help you. Why? Because you can say more in a written resume than in a video resume. Additionally, it’s crucial to check that your video interview attire is appropriate. Don’t dress in a way you wouldn’t for a face-to-face interview, and try to keep the video as professional as possible. Remember to set the visibility to “private” if you plan to upload the video to the internet.

Use templates to make your video but add a personal touch for your audience!

Some Things You Should Avoid In Your Video!

Don’t edit in any kind of music, apart from the natural audio on your videos. It doesn’t matter if it is your own non-copyrighted music either, just don’t record it on your videos to be safe. If you upload the video on YouTube, the bots might remove audio without you even noticing it. Don’t let this happen to your video where you introduce yourself.

Other people want to start helping, and adding their opinions is crucial to your intro. However, don’t let them add comments or add likes to the video if it’s on YouTube.

Even if you want to show your video to friends, family or other people at work, don’t let them like the video. It doesn’t look right online and it is unprofessional. If they liked the video, or have any tips they would like add, have them talk with you directly about the content.

We can’t stress this enough in our text, so we would like to remind it again — don’t make the video too long! Use an editing tool to shorten the video if you can!

Why Are Introduction Videos Important?

Self-introduction videos are just one of the resources you have at your disposal to help you search for the ideal position. But they are a valuable tool because they give a prospective employer a clear picture. It will show them who you are and what you can do for them. Consequently, if done correctly, a self-introduction video can significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Unless you are selling your professional services to every one, don’t post this video on all types of social media. You need to watch the video and know every detail on video, so that you won’t have to change the video in the future!

Before you even start working on creating your video, watch other video examples to get it right the first time. You can use other people’s videos and works on YouTube to give you an inspiration. Use their videos as a template if you like how they tell their own story. But the video you create must have some original things that you’ve added! In other words, the video must be created by you! Add your unique touches to the video, don’t use someone elses idea entirely on video.

If you would like to use a video editor but can’t, send the video to someone who can! Video editing can be something new for you and you may not do it easily — that’s alright! Feel free to let someone else change your story to make it more accessible to the viewer and the general audience.

You can think of yourselfs as a brand, but to a certain effect. Don’t exaggerate it, keep it in a reasonable level.


A personal video introduction’s duty is simple: it introduces you! It creates an opportunity where you can add more information that the written resume won’t let you add.

There may be specific employment opportunities that explicitly ask for a video resume to work with them, however most won’t. As such, many people who apply for work don’t know the importance of a video resume and they won’t have one ready.

That’s why, you should start creating a personal introduction video right away and get creative with it. It will attract attention and people at HR will talk about you.

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