Great & Fun Video Ideas for Minecraft

Are you looking for popular Minecraft video ideas to draw visitors to your YouTube channel? Even though the game has been around for a long time, many people still like it. Because of this, there is a constant demand for fresh Minecraft videos.

The game might be years old, but content creators are still flooding the internet with Minecraft videos and getting tons of views. Read on for some of the best Minecraft video content ideas.

Why Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel?

Many are amazed by the beautiful, large worlds that Minecraft offers. And a large proportion of these people want to create a channel to show off their world.

However, there are many people who started as Minecraft players. They want to showcase the interesting, creative things they have done with the game.

Even though there are a ton of Minecraft videos on YouTube, yours can still receive a ton of views. This is because it is never too late to profit from a game with frequent updates and an engaged community.

Yes, users are still discovering Minecraft for the first time, and these beginners look for specific solutions. You may assist them in finding the best mods as a seasoned Minecraft player or help them survive in the game.

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The Most Popular Minecraft Video Ideas

Minecraft is constantly changing and evolving. The game has become so popular that many video creators can’t get enough of playing it and trying to bring in a crowd.

These videos cover new and old Minecraft topics, including some of the most popular ones. Here’s a list of the most popular Minecraft video ideas to take your YouTube gaming channel to the next level.

Tutorial Videos

Minecraft is a game that promotes creativity. Tutorial videos are the top choice of Minecraft videos on YouTube. They’re popular because they’re not just informative but also very accessible to players. So, it’s not hard to guess why people are always interested in more tutorial videos for this game.

Some video tutorials are quite complex, but most users only want to learn the fundamentals. Therefore, even if you are not the best builder, don’t be afraid to share what you already know.

Hardcore Survival Videos

YouTube has hosted some of the early Minecraft survival videos. After the addition of the hardcore mode in the game, these video tutorials gained popularity due to the increased stakes.

Nowadays, there are fewer survival series on YouTube, but there is still a demand for them. The key is to make your series stand out from the competition. Try establishing guidelines, rules, punishments, etc.


People enjoy seeing challenges in any niche! Viewers get deeply involved in a situation when there are high stakes and challenging tasks that need to be completed by the characters.

Like other video games, Minecraft offers a ton of opportunities for challenges. You may, for instance, attempt to live in a difficult mode with no tools. Being inventive and raising the stakes are crucial while making challenge videos.

Speed Runs

Minecraft speed running is a subgenre of the video game in which players try to complete the game as quickly as possible. The story mode introduced in Minecraft led to a great opportunity to create speed-run videos. However, this game’s speed runs aren’t limited to the story mode.

You can undertake a wide variety of speed runs in this game. It includes constructing a full set of diamond armor as quickly as you can or seeing how quickly you can get to bedrock.

Speed Builds

Building structures is a key component of the Minecraft game. It goes without saying that people like seeing these buildings come together. If you enjoy building structures, consider creating speed builds videos for your audience.

These videos are easy to make. Record yourself constructing anything, speed up the video, and add commentary explaining the steps as you go. You can also overlay the video with copyright-free music if you don’t want to add commentary.


Minecraft is packed full of things to do and explore. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see it all in one lifetime. Something a little bit different might be a good idea.

There are numerous distinct automatically generated buildings and environments in this game. These surroundings are not created very well. And players have begun altering these artificial surroundings over time.

People enjoy seeing things transform in front of their eyes. So, you could transform a village into a great location while retaining its key aspects.


Players may customize their experience in a lot of games, and Minecraft is no exception. Using mods increases the level of difficulty and risk of the game. Several options are available on the PC version of this game to customize the gameplay.

Whether you love using mods on your walkthroughs or making them, creating videos about your experience can be very popular.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the market for many reasons. One important reason is the endless possibilities for creative and unique video ideas.

There are endless components you can use and mix to produce huge and mesmerizing video content. Explore the seven ideas above to find your next Minecraft video idea!

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