10 Creative YouTube DIY Video Ideas Worth Exploring

If you want creative YouTube DIY video ideas, you’ve come to the correct place for guidance. Although videos have great potential as a promotional medium, there is currently no foolproof method for generating views and engagement.

However, those who are resourceful, genuine, and aware of their audience have numerous opportunities for success.

Many people use YouTube the same way they use Google to look for answers to questions. People use YouTube to research and learn more about items and businesses by reading user reviews.

This post provides some suggestions for creating entertaining and instructive DIY videos. Let’s dive in!

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Creative YouTube DIY Video Ideas

DIY videos are pretty popular on YouTube and offer many opportunities for amateurs and corporate companies. Here’s our list of creative YouTube DIY video ideas you could try.

1. Explainer Videos

One of the key selling points of video material is how quickly it can be watched and digested.

Consumers are particularly fond of instructional movies produced by companies or individuals. Your channel’s engagement and viewership could benefit from adding “explainer” videos demonstrating the proper and most efficient ways to use your items.

The sales cycle length could reduce if audiovisual information could help buyers anticipate their probable queries.

2. Reviews

Reviews can serve as public testimony to support your claims about a service or product.

You can use them to discover new books to read, shows to watch on Netflix and even products that suit your specific needs.

You never know who you might aid with your story, perspective, and ideas unless you share them with others. They will likely be more influenced to buy from you because of you.

Bloggers who purchase products typically provide videos of their thoughts on the products and comparisons with similar products from other brands.

Another option for a video is to watch a TV show or movie. Then, discuss how it exemplifies a subject important to your audience/field. This is a solution that will surely get noticed by the people who are already interested in and watching the content in question.

3. Storytelling Videos

Storytelling is one of the most potent forces in content creation today. Ultimately, customers aren’t satisfied with generic product descriptions; they want to know how a given service or good will address their unique needs.

Sharing your experiences in a YouTube video might be a great way to reach out and help others who are going through similar situations. Telling a story that resonates with your target audience may help them relate to your brand, leading to increased sales.

One way to accomplish this is to describe a watershed moment in one’s professional life or a difficult situation that was ultimately overcome. Some celebrities utilize these kinds of videos to discuss their surgeries, schools, and the times they had the most fun as teenagers.

Make sure your story fits the actual state of your company so that it is attractive to your target audience.

3. Instructional tips and advice

The term “tips video” refers to an instructional video in which a single presenter offers advice or instruction to the viewer.

How about an illustration? If you want your YouTube tip videos to become viral, you need to focus on what your viewers can use to simplify their lives.

This may encompass anything from apps and websites to methods and behaviors to even just novel concepts.

4. Q&A Video Series

Do you ever go over the queries asked by your viewers and look for video possibilities to respond to them?

Your audience’s reactions and questions, either in the comments section or via direct messaging on the videos, can spark new concepts for videos.

The place to begin is with either customer frequently asked questions or your films. Simply announcing that you’ll be making a video to address common inquiries about a given topic would be enough.

Use a hashtag (#) to categorize these queries for easier identification and management. Once you’ve decided which questions are the most intriguing, you should get ready to answer them, turn on the camera, and talk.

However, ensure you acknowledge the question’s originator, so they feel appreciated. This tactic will encourage others to contribute more to your YouTube channel.

5. Webinar Videos

Video webinars are broadcast online to spread awareness of specific topics. This increases the content’s appeal and usefulness to readers.

All you need to host a webinar is a decent topic and twenty minutes of your time. If the stream is well-received, you can keep it going.

The essential consideration is not the video’s duration but how well it lives up to the expectations of the intended viewers. A well-executed version of this can do wonders for your credibility in your listeners’ eyes.

6. List Videos

Making videos in the form of lists may be both entertaining and informative. Lists are straightforward, widely used, and attractive because they contain numeric data.

These can be compilations of helpful tidbits, suggested readings, or exemplary actions.

Beginning a film of this type with a brief explanation of your interest in the topic is an excellent place to start. Then, to keep the reader engaged, you can present each item in the list and explain why it comes first, second, third, etc.

7. DIY Videos on YouTube

DIY stands for “do it yourself.” It’s a video concept that does well because it empowers the viewer to take action.

This may take the form of anything from crafts made from recyclable materials to digital content templates.

To create such a video, you need to be an expert in the subject matter. Customers won’t have faith in you if you can’t demonstrate competence in your field of expertise or with the goods you’re selling. It’s not great for your reputation or company’s reputation if you can’t successfully instruct a user.

8. Motivational Videos

Humans are social creatures. It’s only human to need a little boost to push through the rough spots and keep going.

Motivational videos are something anyone would appreciate. This explains the rapid proliferation of emails containing links to inspirational videos posted on Facebook.

You can create your motivating video by considering the words you want to use. Make an emotional recording of your prepared speech. This will provide a more personable touch to your videos and help your viewers connect with you and your brand.

9. Videos of Products Unboxed

Another exciting concept for online video sharing is the unwrapping of products.

Consider a recent purchase you made or a present you were given. Get the camera ready, and then open the box in front of your viewers, demonstrating how you feel about the product in their hands.

Many YouTubers with large following post videos to brag about the stuff they “got that week.”

Another technique is to answer customer concerns about a product’s quality or presentation. If they are still unsure whether or not to buy something, you can ease their minds.

10. Video Guides

The purpose of a tutorial is evident from the term itself, which is to instruct the reader on some skill or knowledge. Digital influencers across sectors teach a wide range of topics and skill levels.


 Make-up techniques, Fashion hacks, DIY content planners, etc.

When deciding which videos to feature on your channel, you should consider your target audience and how well you already know the subject.

The best instructional videos are unbiased and straightforward to imitate. This means after watching your video, your target audience should have no issue replicating your results.

Wrapping Up

These YouTube DIY video ideas are not only creative but also resourceful. They can be a fun way to start making videos on YouTube.

Explore YouTube and experiment with different topics and methods to see what turns out best!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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